Group Resources

The EdNet Cheat Sheet has all the information you need!

General Info about Dwight Hall and EdNet

To take a look at the Dwight Hall cheat sheet, explaining how Dwight Hall works and how your group can get access to its resources, click here

To review EdNet's resources including a list of group leaders and the New Haven Public School calendar, click here.

Dwight Hall Cars and Rooms:


To reserve a car or a room in Dwight Hall for your group click here. This link will bring you to the Dwight Hall online resource reservation system.


Keep in mind that Yale students are required to have taken a Driver Safety Awareness Class before they can drive Dwight Hall vehicles or rent a vehicle on Yale's insurance. 


Bring the printed certificate into the Dwight Hall main office so they have it on file.


Dwight Hall Copying machine:


Located in the main office. Ask the Dwight Hall staff for your group's copy code.


Suzanne Jovin Education Resource Room:

Located on the second floor of Dwight Hall North, this room contains the EdNet Library collection of children’s books, books on education policy with tutoring advice, and art supplies available for group projects.

An Interesting Read for Classroom Management:

Other Possible Resources for Tutors and Mentors:

Center for British Art
Yale Art Gallery
Peabody Museum
Pathways to Science
Pathways to Arts and Humanities
Marsh Garden Greenhouse
Yale Farms
Yale Visitor’s Center
Education Studies

EdNet Coordinator at Dwight Hall,
Oct 9, 2013, 7:48 AM