Forms required for all education groups

1.    Code of Conduct for Youth Serving Programs
            Please carefully read these regulations, and indicate your agreement to abide by them by signing the Dwight Hall Code of Conduct Agreement Form on the         
            last page. Please submit your signed agreement to Mark Fopeano, Program Director of Dwight Hall, in the Dwight Hall main office (

2.   Program Registration Form
 Each group must register once with the Committee on Programs for Children and Youth at Yale.

Programs in New Haven Public Schools

3.     New Haven Public Schools Volunteer Application Form
This form authorizes the New Haven Public School district to conduct a background check on potential volunteers. Volunteers who are current students enrolled at Yale University only need to register once during their enrollment at Yale University. The form is to be completed and returned to the main office of the New Haven Public School where the volunteer intends to serve. If the main office of a New Haven Public School does not accept this form, please mail it to 54 Meadow Street, New Haven, CT 06519.

4.    Photo Release Form: English/Spanish
Please obtain a photo release for any participants so that their image may be used on promotional materials, newsletters, and websites for Dwight Hall at Yale and your group.

Programs on Yale's campus
This is a template of a form that your group can utilize when conducting field trips or hosting events for youth participants.  Please notify Dwight Hall of any events or activities that your group intends to conduct and supply us with a copy of your permission slip with event details.

All Dwight Hall Groups must comply with Yale's Policy on Health and Safety of Children and Youth. Please read these policies in their entirety. The website looks daunting but has everything you need!