Language and Culture Classes and Tutoring

Teacher Qualifications: Dr. Wobus taught MLP Chinese curriculum for 10 years, with personal instructional experience in MLP Grades 1 through Grade 10 as well as MLP SATII/AP Chinese prep courses.  She is also very experienced and effective in teaching ESL to non-speakers.  Her teaching can be characterized as motivational, inspirational, and unconventional.  Dr. Wobus has shared with the community her teaching outcome through contributing many articles on the local Chinese language publications (with some translated into English).  Dr. Wobus earned her bachelor degree in English language and earned her master and doctoral degrees in education from the US universities.  She is highly proficient in English reading, writing, and conversation.  Her language ability, cultural understanding, 30-year life and work experience in the US, teaching experience, and mastery of cloud technology make her a superior teacher of language, culture, and technology.

Chinese Language & Culture

New《MLP Chinese》Language and Culture Online Courses, in-person or remote, year around See details.

New Summer Chinese as a Foreign Language In-Person or remote, year around
NewEnglish writing and conversation class or tutoring, in-person or remote, year around

Organizational classes (government, corporate)
  • Classes on Chinese language and culture for trainees at various levels for educational organizations, government agencies, or corporate and companies.  Individualized curriculum design, in depth and length, to meet specific objectives of an organization.
Small class, private tutoring
  • All classes and tutoring services employ cloud solution technology.
《MLP Chinese》writing
  • Grade 6 and Grade 7 courses
MLP Chinese》culture study  Exciting news
  • New MLP Grades 8/9 Combination new edition summer accelerated online course
  • Grade 10《Chinese Culture Survey》
Day School Chinese class
  • Pre-view and review of course content
  • Help with homework assignments
  • Preparation for tests/exams
  • Level 1 through AP/IB
《MLP Chinese》based SATII/AP Chinese Exam Prep
  • School year group course
  • 4-8 weeks individual or small group guidance
  • Pre-exam coaching
Chinese Language and Chinese Culture programs for youth/adult non-speakers.
  • School year class
  • Classroom or distant learning
  • Use of multi-media techniques
  • Use of Cloud-solution techniques
Chinese Certification Tests prep courses
  • Youth Chinese Test (YCT)
  • Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)
  • Business Chinese Test (BCT)

English Language

EFL/ESL Online distant classes and tutoring

Designed for Chinese persons who are planning to travel to English-speaking countries for education or work in near and far future.

Designed to help non-native English speakers to learn to speak like a native by conscientiously reducing accent.  We offer "Accent Reduction" private or small group lessons.  Students interact with an instructor who is fluent in both English and Chinese and has cross-cultural experience of over 20 years.  Students are also paired with the US local native middle/high school students to practice speaking (two 60-minute free sessions)
Cloud Technology

New 2016 Summer Cloud Technology camp/course available for high school and college students as well as adults.  

DW C-Learning offers in-person and remote face-to-face class of cloud technology in summer camps or semester courses
  • Learn about cloud technology in a systematic and comprehensive fashion, following the instructor to practice every skill set.
  • No computer background necessary.  Participants with any computer science training would find it particularly inspiring.
  • Every participant builds a web platform to demonstrate all skill sets, personal organization ability, and media technology, as well as a minimum of 10 demos on applying cloud technology.
  • Close adult supervision at all times during the lessons. Rules of in-class use of computer and internet enforced.
  • High school or college students as well as adults, regardless of location, can participate in person or remotely.
  • Amenities at camp site includes multi-purpose rooms, media theater, microwave, drinks, snacks.  Location within walking distance of a park with sport facilities.
  • Every session engages on a team documentary project from design to finish, demonstrating the functions of cloud technology.
  • Highly achieving participants may be invited back to serve as a paid teaching assistant.
More detail here.  Check out our student-produced documentary of the course.  You will be impressed and can't wait to get involved!  

  • New Online English writing, distant class or tutoring. No limit on student location. Practice English writing with bilingual teacher and native speaker on writing, one on one or in small class. "Distant Friends" program available where ESL students pair up with native English speakers.
  • New Online American English speaking/conversation, distant class or tutoring. Practice American English speaking with bilingual teachers and native speakers on conversations, one on one or in small class. "Distant Friends" program available where ESL students pair up with native English speakers.
  • New Online mini lessons series.