Growing Innovators Who Will Change the World!

(Innovators are curious, persistent, imaginative problem solvers.  They are not afraid of failure.)

Have a WONDERFUL Summer!

With the help of all the students in our school, we earned 4,200 points with TerraCycle!!
We used these points to provide... 
4 people with clean water for a year
4 families with baby chicks
5 families with 10 honey bees each
6 people with clean water for a week.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in our world!!

We are still collecting the granola bar wrappers, but we are now also collecting Entenmann's Little Bites pouches. 

Vermont History Board Games!

Some of our students want to do some math over the summer!
Here is the recipe!

Party Punch

Serves 16 (serving size: 8 fluid ounces)


2  Pints Strawberry or Raspberry Sherbet

2  Quarts Fruit Punch, Chilled

32 Fluid Ounces Lemon-Lime Seltzer


Place sherbet in punch bowl. Pour in fruit punch and lemon-lime seltzer

The Fort At #4

Stream Life!

Makey Makey ‎(1)‎.m4v

Crayfish In 4th Grade!

How Clean Is Our Stream?

Captain Kennedy Taught Us A LOT About the Revolutionary War Time!
Thank You Capt. Kennedy!!

Captain Kennedy!

Our Guest Reader for I Love to Read and Write Week!

I Love to Read and Write Week! Thank you to our guest reader, Mrs. Fillion!

4 Winds - Air

Celebrating Our Revolutionary War Slideshows!

Causes of the Revolutionary War



What Is a Watershed?
If you don't know, just ask a 4th grader!

Wht Is a Watershed?

TerraCycle Posters!

Robots and Electric Houses!

Robots In Fourth Grade.m4v

Congratulations Bianca!.m4v

Getting Ready for a Math Congress!

Celebrating, and Responding to Each Others’ Writing!

2016 Election.m4v

Southern Vermont Natural History Museum and
Hogback Mountain Hike!

Southern Vermont Natural History Museum and Hogback Mountain Hike!

This is how we feel about making mistakes. 
(We're going to try to change some of these feelings this year!)

Fresh Garden Veggies!

Delivering Garden Fresh Vegetables to the Kitchen!

Readers Stop and Jot!

Readers… Stop and Jot!

Insulator or Conductor?

Insulator or Conductor?



4th Graders Are READERS!!

4th Graders are READERS!

Making a Model to Show 100,000!

Making a Model to Show 100,000!

The New and Improved Paper Cups!

Paper Cup Challenge!