The Campaign

Welcome, historians. You have been hand picked to journey through time with a special purpose. You are charged with finding the answers to questions many great historians who came before you could not.

Through your heroic challenges, and quests of all types, you will accumulate the knowledge and expertise to conquer these questions: 

  • How have the diversity of the American people and the relationships among different groups shaped the history of the United States and contributed to the American identity and culture?
  • How have natural and human resources contributed to the economic development of the United States?
  • How has the United States’ economic, social, political, military and cultural engagement with the rest of the world fluctuated over time?
  • How have the definition of citizenship, the roles and responsibilities of citizens and government, and their relationship with each changed over time?
  • How have diverse reform movements focusing on a broad range of issues influenced politics, economics, and society?
  • How have the variety of religious beliefs and practices in America influenced politics, economics, and society?

In essence, we examine T.S. Elliot’s claim of history- “The historical sense involves a perception, not only of the pastness of the past, but of its presence.” 

Good luck, and let’s begin….

Experience Points (XP)

As we move through the course, you will earn experience points or “xp”. Each piece of coursework will be assigned an XP value. Everybody starts with 0 XP. As you complete your coursework you will gain XP. You will earn solo XP and XP as a member of a guild. Please be aware that while earning XP is tied to your academics, the number of earned XP does not equal your class average. This is because each grading category has a different weight.

Achievement Points (AP)

There will be multiple opportunities to unlock Achievements in this class. Some are connected to your Quests/ Challenges, some are through “Mini-Missions”, and some are a secret. Each unlocked achievement earns you a certain amount of Achievement Points or “ap”. AP can be used to buy rewards from the item shop, upgrades, and perks. All AP will be distributed on Schoology.