Lead Coffin

A find of great archaeological significance was made recently by a DUTP member whilst on a club dig near Tamworth. The details have yet to be confirmed but it appears to be a lead child's coffin possibly dating from Roman times.

Needless to say, all the appropriate protocols were followed with the police and coroner informed.  A police guard was provided and the coffin will be exhumed in due course.

As the coffin was found in a ploughed field it was probably only a matter of time before it was accidentally damaged by agricultural machinery, so it's almost with a collective sigh of relief that such a significant discovery was made before such a tragic event could take place.

The coffin will of course be treated with all appropriate reverence.  Until such time as the coroner exhumes and opens the coffin and confirms the age (if it does indeed contains a child's remains) then this remains a crime scene and is treated as such by the authorities.

This is a fine example of responsible metal detecting and a big plus for DUTP and its organisers and members.  Well done!

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