Geeks Corner

Hints and tips to make your hobby more enjoyable.

Cleaning Your Detector

Everyone needs to clean their detector from time to time.  Where's the best place to start?  Remove the coil cover every time you go detecting as dirt can affect the way your detector works.  Use a damp cloth when wiping a detector down; don't put it in a bath or use a hose on it water will get inside your detector and stop it working.  This could be very costly to you!  Always look in your battery pack make sure there is no build up of condensation inside which could affect your battery life.  A tip for those who recharge their detector: put Vaseline in the port on the detector.  This will help keep water from doing any damage.

Waxing Your Finds

Here are some of the items you will need when waxing bronze items.  I will do it step by step to show you the best way to wax finds.

Equipment required: 

1....wax (microcrystalline wax) 
2... Incense burner or a waxing trough 
3... tea light candles
4... lighter or matches (to light candles) 
5....tweezers or tooth picks (for taking items out when hot) 
6 towel (this is to remove excess wax from the finds) 

Now you're ready to start waxing! 

1) Place the wax in the trough, light candles under the trough and wait for the wax to melt  You must never leave this unattended at any time.  Once the wax is melted you can move on to the next stage. 

2) Sort out the items you want to wax, Don't clean any item in water at any time; HOT WAX and WATER don't mix well (it would be just like a chip pan fire).

3) Once the wax has melted you can start to put your items in one at a time very slowly (wax will go hard around the item to start with but this will soon melt).  You will start to see bubbles coming from the item.  Please wait until the bubbles stop before you remove the item from the wax.  This is to make sure the item is totally sealed and there is no air left in the item. 

4) Please take care when taking an item from the wax as it will be very hot and it will burn you.  Place the item onto kitchen towel 

5) Dab the wax; this will stop any unwanted wax being left. 

6) Always make sure you blow the candle out and leave it alone until the wax has gone hard.  I hope this helps you in conserving your finds.  Once your items are waxed they are ready to display.