Help for Heroes

Digging Up The Past decided earlier in the year to organise a charity metal detecting rally for the summer time, so started getting preparations in place.  We were lucky to have the land available with the help of the landowners.

 Arrangements were made for August 2013 and seemed such a long time away from the start but time flew by and there was so much to organise.


“A very big thanks to you guys for putting on such a great rally. Everyone thoroughly  enjoyed it and there were some fantastic finds that had the whole place buzzing.  I'll definitely be back next time you do another one.  Not even the rain dampened the enthusiasm. Brilliant, well done one and all.

And although I live quite a distance shell I'm looking for a good club to join. I’ll have my big motor home next time” by Anthony

“Thanks for this Shell, and to say that we had a great weekend, as did our Cairn Terrier who has shorter legs this morning.

Great rally, and thanks to all of the Dutp team who slogged on through wind rain and mud to give us a good time” by Keith

“Just a quick message to say thanks for organising the Rally at ***** this weekend. Got a Roman Brooch and a Roman grot as well as a muddy machine, boots, trousers etc. Ha ha!” by Colin

“Hello! Despite the weather I had very good time, and I am waiting for another rally” by Anita

“Hi Dave and Shelley, really enjoyed this weekend. Thank you, would like to come to the next rally” by Justin

“Just would like to say thank you for all your hard work that you and Dave put into the rally as I always say a great club and great people keep up the good work and see you soon” by Kevin

 “Had a fantastic rally last week end with the club. Although the weather in the beginning was quite poor, there was a buzz among the fellow detectorists.  It's about the finds coming up.  I was very impressed with the organisation of the rally and share the ethos of your club."

"I will be back for many more rallies  as I also enjoyed the friendliness  and camaraderie shown" from Anthony.

 "Thanks for a great rally..Good time had,even with the rain/mud. Looking forward to another rally soon.   All the best, Ian"

  It was a success because of the clubs determination, the members and non-members attending and supporting DUTP and Help for Heroes charity.    More details on the event can be found on the NOTICES section of the Club Forum.

 Big thanks to Maz, Roman Remains, Kingdigger, Greenlight Publishing, D&M Antiquities, Tapped Bars, Tina (Munchies), Julian Evan-Hart, Ricta, Larner Pallets UK, the landowners especially and those who marshalled for us throughout the weekend and of course Julie Cassidy and Ros Tyrell, Finds Liaison Officers who were in attendance on the Sunday of the event.  Also thanks to Environmental Health for their support and guidance in making sure all was safe and well for our guests attending.

 Also thank you to Minelab for helping with a Best Finds Competition prize of a metal detector, the lucky winner was Viv Latham.  Well done to you.

 We managed to raise £3860 for this great charity and so many finds came off the land we could not post all the pictures on the report, but it was a great weekend!