Terms and Conditions of the Club

By becoming a member of Digging Up The Past ("DUTP") you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and can provide a PNC or CRB Check on joining the club if requested.

  • Holes must be filled properly, turf/crop side up. All gates must be closed when entering into the land and exiting. Never climb the gates. 
  • Should your find(s) come under the Treasure Act, then you must report your find(s) to the coroner within 14 days of the item(s) being found. This is a legal requirement. Digging Up the Past will provide assistance and will require a signed Treasure Trove Finds Agreement (a club document) to be completed by the club and the finder with a photograph of the find attached.  Always report your finds to your local Finds Liaison Officer. We will also record the find via form and photograph for our own records.
  • Guests:
• A guest is welcome to attend as long as it is pre-booked with the club.
• The same guest can only attend one dig without being a member.
• If they wish to attend any further digs they need to become a member of the club.
• Day digs for guests are charged at £15 per non-member.
• Your guest(s) will be covered by our club insurance whilst on a DUTP dig..

  • Members will be totally responsible for the actions of any guest they bring to a dig, any misconduct will be an instant ban.
  • Members-only digs are precisely that; partners, friends etc who do not carry a current membership card in their own name cannot attend and will be asked to leave. 
  • Children under 16 are welcomed at DUTP events, however, this must be by prior arrangement with the organiser(s).  Any children must remain with the accompanying adult at all times and all responsibility for visiting children will remain with the adult that brought them.
  • All rubbish must be removed from the field, no rubbish to be thrown into the hedges. This can damage farm machinery. Scrap buckets will be provided on site.
  • Out of bounds and Country Side Stewardship areas, which include grass margins around the fields MUST NEVER be searched under any circumstances.
  • Digs will be patrolled by marshals to ensure the above rules are being observed, some of these will not be wearing high visibility vests. If you are asked to leave you will be escorted off the site by a marshal because of misconduct, a meeting will be arranged to decide the outcome of any misconduct.
  • Please report any finds to the dig organisers in order that they may be photographed, recorded and researched. We provide landowners with a 'Finds Report', which is a record of all artefacts found on their land. DUTP also provide the 'Finds Report' to the dig site's local FLO (Finds Liaison Officer).
  • Health and safety is an important part of the DUTP digs. Members should report anything that may affect the health and safety of other dig attendees to the DUTP organisers promptly. (this includes communicable diseases for which they are receiving treatment.... TB / HIV etc.) 
  • DUTP always has a first aider on site at all DUTP events that are trained in emergency first aid and resuscitation. Please report all accidents and incidents to the first aider promptly. In the event of an emergency situation please call the emergency services on 999 immediately for professional help.
  • Sites arranged through DUTP are only to be visited on arranged DUTP digs. Members must not trespass on any of the DUTP sites at any other times. Any members found to be visiting DUTP sites independently from the DUTP digs will have their membership cancelled immediately
  • DUTP has agreements in place with landowners to visit their land for the purpose of metal detecting on behalf of the DUTP members. Members must not independently contact or approach any landowners of the DUTP sites. Any member breaking this rule will have their membership cancelled and there will be no refund of membership costs.
  • DUTP does not tolerate night-hawking. Any member found or reported to be night-hawking will have their membership cancelled and will be liable for their actions which could result in prosecution.
  • Any member found to be acting illegally or inappropriately will have their membership cancelled and will not be entitled to a refund.
  • The DUTP forum is for members to use as a communication tool to fellow DUTP members and to pass on any help and advice that members can share. Members may post questions that they need help answering and must respect each other’s opinions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. While debating and general discussion is acceptable, DUTP will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, obscene or offensive images, swearing (including abbreviated swear words), personal attacks, purposeless inflammatory comments or advertising without prior permission. Please do not copy / redistribute or remove any information/discussion from the forum without prior permission, this can result in your membership being de-activated.
  • DUTP accepts no responsibility whatsoever for finds which are not properly and legally declared, and any person attending a DUTP dig who acts outside of the legal requirements will have their membership cancelled and not be permitted to attend any future DUTP digs/activities.
  • Any non-member attending as a guest or as part of an open dig will, to all intents and purposes assume a temporary membership of the club (with the exception of privileges normally afforded to full members including, but not limited to, preferential pricing and forum access).  References within these rules to membership termination will therefore also apply to non-members who will not be allowed to attend future digs.
  • DUTP is not liable for damage or loss to persons or property however incurred.
  • DUTP provides NO guarantee that finds will be made on any DUTP dig. Sites are provided in good faith and with appropriate forethought and investigation on the part of DUTP's organisers for members to detect on but DUTP cannot be held responsible for a lack of finds which may be down to a number of factors out of DUTP's scope of control.
  • The location of digs, provided on payment of dig fees to the organisers, is confidential information and must be treated as such and is for the use of fee-paying DUTP attendees only. It must not be divulged in any way to other non-paying members of DUTP and certainly not to non-DUTP members. Any breaches will result in immediate membership cancellation with no refund entitlement.
  • Failure to abide by the rules will not be tolerated and offenders will receive NO warning and membership will be terminated and no refund will be made. There will be NO Appeals process.
  • No club member banned for the stated reasons will be allowed to return to the club, any ban made on a member is a LIFE ban and does not entitle the individual to attend any open rally or day dig that DUTP organises.
I have read and fully understand the above and will abide by all Digging Up The Past Membership Rules and Terms and Conditions and assume full responsibility for any risk associated with taking part in the activities provided by the Digging Up The Past club. I fully warrant Digging Up The Past against any claim of any kind in relation to any loss, or Injury however occurring.

Revised: 15th February 2017