Mrs. Maria Nichols     Resource Para-educator     
Denair High School

mnichols@dusd.k12.ca.us             Room 103                  Phone Ext. 4217

Class WorkTips / Preparing for Test:            

  • Have your all your assigned handouts and homework completed and organized prior to a test
  • All assignments and homework should be completed at least two days prior to any test or quiz
  • Create flash cards 3" by 5" 
  • 3' by 5" cards are available in white or color, most grocery or office supply stores carry for purchase
  • Use highlighter and highlight main ideas, details and/or vocabulary
  • Build memory retention by creating acronyms, word associations and lyrics
  • Additional memorization approach includes creating symbols, colors or names that can be used to jog your memory of key ideas, concepts and meanings
  • Review flash cards right before you go to bed (no more than ten minutes) and again in the morning before school starts
  • Review again, in between class periods and time permitting, at the end of each class

  • PLEASE NOTE: The more you flash, the more information you will be able to retain