Database Schema

  • ContentID TEXT PK unique id or filename
  • ContentType TEXT 6,9,16,17
  • MimeType TEXT Shortcover,application/pdf,application/epub+zip
  • BookID TEXT chapters content link to 'ContentID', books are blank
  • BookTitle TEXT the title of the book for chapters, blank for books
  • ImageId TEXT the base filename of the cover image for books, blank for chapters
  • Title TEXT the title of the chapter for chapters, the title of the book for books
  • Attribution TEXT the author
  • Description TEXT overview text for books, preview text for the chapter
  • DateCreated TEXT datetime the book was created. format: 2009-11-13T16:57:58.513
  • ShortCoverKey TEXT blank for books, the kobo key for encrypted chapters
  • adobe_location TEXT blank for all kobo and all books, anchor for custom chapters
  • Publisher TEXT the name of the publisher
  • IsEncrypted BOOL false for books, true/false if the chapter is encrypted
  • DateLastRead TEXT blank for chapters, the date the book was last read. format: 2009-11-13T16:57:58
  • FirstTimeReading BOOL true if the book has never been read
  • ChapterIdBookmarked TEXT the 'shortcoverId' from [volume_shortcovers] that is bookmarked, blank for chapters
  • ParagraphBookmarked INTEGER chapters are 0, positive number of the paragraph bookmarked for books
  • BookmarkWordOffset INTEGER
  • NumShortcovers INTEGER
  • VolumeIndex INTEGER
  • ___NumPages INTEGER
  • ReadStatus INTEGER 0=unread,1=reading,2=finished
  • ___SyncTime TEXT
  • ___UserID TEXT refers to a 'UserId' in [user], custom is "adobe_user"

  • shortcoverId TEXT PK 'contentId' from [content] ... only chapters
  • PageNumber INTEGER PK the page number 1 to *
  • FormattedPage TEXT the (un)encrypted text of a kobo book

  • volumeId TEXT PK refers to a 'ContentID' from [content]  but only books
  • shortcoverId TEXT PK refers to either a 'shortcoverId' from [shortcover_page] (which seems to be the sames as 'ContentId' for chapters only) or a file/anchor string
  • VolumeIndex INTEGER same as the 'VolumeIndex' in [content] 0 to *

  • UserId TEXT PK unique id of the user
  • UserKey TEXT encryption key of the user
  • UserDisplayName TEXT display name of the user
  • UserEmail TEXT email of the user
  • ___DeviceID TEXT