Pre Calculus is a thorough development of equations, functions, their graphs, domains, ranges, and composites of functions. Families of functions studied include: exponential, logarithmic, polynomial, rational, trigonometric. Relevant applications offer the opportunity to apply the learning of each of the family of functions. Trigonometry is the study of ratios based on circles and triangles using both degree and radian angle measure. Students study trigonometric equations and the applications of periodic functions in a wide variety of fields. The law of sines and the law of cosines are used to solve for unknowns in triangles. Students learn how to graph polar coordinates, convert from rectangular coordinates to polar coordinates, and use polar coordinates to study powers and roots of complex numbers. Students will apply their knowledge of trigonometry to the study of vectors and their applications. Finally, students will be introduced to sequences and series and problems that can be solved using sequences and series.
Pre-requisite: Successful Completion of Math 3/teachers recommendation/completion of Challenge Up works in Math 2 NOTESA Texas Instrument (TI) graphing calculator is required. This course is a prerequisite for AP Calculus.


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n 3 ring binder, spiral notebook, or composition notebook for taking notes and keeping investigations – composition graph paper notebook is a time saver J

n #2 pencils

n Paper & Graph Paper (see above)

n Covered  book

n Planner – must have to leave class

n Graphing calculator: TI – 83, 83 Plus, 84, or 84 Plus or Silver.  I will supply calculators during class, but you may occasionally need one for home.  The library has a few calculators to check out on short term basis.

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