Vocab Man Options

El Hombre de Vocabulario

You will need to complete and hand in 50 points worth of vocabulary practice every week.  You may choose any combination of practice to add up to 50 points.  This will serve as a homework grade and must be done in addition to any other assignment.

1.  ABC order- Write your words in alphabetical order. 

2.  Back writing - Using your finger, draw each letter on a partners' back, having the partner say the word. 

3.  Backwards Words- Write your words forwards, then backwards. 

4.  Cheer your words - Pretend you are a cheerleader and call out your words! (We will do this as a group activity.) Yell or whisper! If you want to do this at home with a parent, get them to send me a note that you've done it. 

5.  Choo-Choo Words - Write the entire list end-to-end as one long word, using different colors of crayon or ink for different words. 

6.  Create an activity-Can you think of a fun way to do your spelling activities? Try it out! 

7.  Cross X Words - Write two words having one common letter so they criss-cross. Use all 10 words.

8.  Crossword - Complete a pre-made crossword puzzle. 

9.  Delicious words - Write your words in whipped cream, peanut butter, or anything you can eat! Bring in a note from a parent! 

10.  Dirty Words - Write your words in mud or sand.

11.  Divide each word into syllables (use a dictionary to help you).

12.  Etch-A-Word - Use an Etch-A-Sketch to write your words. 

13.  Flash writing - In a darkened room, use a flashlight to draw letters in the air. 

14.  Good Clean Words -Write your words in shaving cream on a counter or some other surface that can be cleaned safely. 

15.  Magazine words - Use an old magazine or newspaper and find your word. Cut it out and glue it on paper. 

16.  Morse Code - Convert your words to Morse Code 

17.  Newspaper Words - Search a newspaper page from top to bottom, circling each letter of a word as you find it. 

18.  Other Handed - If you are right-handed, write with your left, or vice versa. 

19.  Pasta Words - Write your words by arranging alphabet pasta or Alphabits cereal. Glue on paper or bring me a note from a parent and complete it on a table or counter at home. 

20.  Picture words - Draw a picture and write your words in the picture. 

21.  Popsicles - Make words using Popsicle sticks. 

22.  Print each word. Next to it, write it in cursive

23.  Puzzle words - Use a blank puzzle form. Write your words on the form, making sure that the words cross over the pieces. Cut them out (color) and put them in a baggie with your name on it. When you and a friend have completed your puzzles, trade and put them back together. 

24.  Pyramid Words - Write your words adding or subtracting one letter at a time. The result will be a pyramid shape of words. 

25.  Rainbow Words - Write your words in three colors 

26.  Ransom words - Write your words by cutting out letters in a newspaper or magazine and glue them on a paper. 

27.  Reversed words - Write your words in ABC order -backwards! 

28.  Scrambled words -Write your words, and then write them again with the letters mixed up. 

29.  Secret Agent Words - Number the alphabet from 1 to 26, and then convert your words to a number code. 

30.  Silly sentences -Use all your words in ten sentences 

31.  Silly String - With a long length of string, "write" words in cursive, using the string to shape the letters. 

32.  Sound Words - Use a tape recorder and record your words and their spelling. Then listen to your tape, checking to see that you spelled all the words correctly. 

33.  Story words - Write a short story using all your words. 

34.  Surround words - Write your words on graph paper and outline in colors. 

35.  Telephone Words - Translate your words into numbers from a telephone keypad. 

36.  Thirty Second Words - Write a TV commercial using all the words from your list. 

37.  Three-D words - Use modeling clay rolled thinly to make your words. Bring a note if done at home. 

38.  Use the eraser of your pencil to erase the words in old magazine pictures.

39.  Word search I - Complete a word pre-made search. 

40.  Word search II -Make a word search with a friend, then trade and solve. 

41.  Words without Consonants - Same as above but replace consonants with lines. 

42.  Words without Vowels - Write your words replacing all vowels with a line. 

43.  Words-in-words - Write your word and then write at least 2 words made from each. 

44.  Write each of your words using a different word art style/color for each

45.  Write the alphabet on a piece of paper. Under A, write $1.00. Under B, write $2.00, and so on. Figure up the dollar amount of each of your Spelling words.

46.  Write the dictionary phonetic spelling of each word. Include word. (10 pts.)

46.  Write the dictionary phonetic spelling of each word. Include word. (10 pts.)