Newtons Laws of Motion

Chapter 13, Lesson 1: How can you describe Motion? 

Brain Pop Video: Force   and Distance, Rate, and Time

reader booklet p 2-5; Complete worksheet L1 and brain pop ws

Chapter 13, Lesson 2: What are forces?

Reader booklet p. 6-11

Brain Pop Video: Work

Brain Pop Video: Power

Brain Pop Video: Gravity

Brain Pop Video: Electricity

Brain Pop Video: Static Electricity

Brain Pop Video: Magnetism

Chapter 13, Lesson 3 Newton's Laws of Motion

Reader booklet p. 12-17

Brain Pop Video: Newton's Laws of Motion

Brain Pop Video: Flight

Brain Pop Video: Acceleration

Easy Kid Definitions of Newton's Three Laws of Motion

Use match box cars to teach the laws of motion

Use match box cars for Newton's Third Law of Motion

Force and Fan Carts

Force and Fan Carts 

Measuring Motion

Chapter 13, Lesson 4: Simple Machines

Reader booklet p. 18-23

Brain Pop Video:  Levers

Brain Pop Video: Pulley

Brain Pop Video: Wheel and Axle

Brain Pop Video: Inclined Plane

Simple Machines Activities: Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the House and Tool Shed!

  • After you open the website, you will have to click the START button.  Then, you will need to click on the house.  Inside the house, you will be able to choose from 4 different rooms.  Click on the room of your choice.  Once you have opened the page that shows you the room, you will need to find 10 different simple machines, and they will ask you questions so that you can practice identifying the simple machine. 


  • If time permits, try to visit all of the rooms in the house.  (DO NOT FORGET to fill out the activity sheet that was handed out in class.)  After visiting all rooms and completing your assignment sheet, you may visit the Tool Shed to learn about Complex Machines.  Happy learning!