Vocabulary Words

Each group will write out the vocabulary definition and use the vocab word in a sentence showing context. Then you may practice these words on Spelling City. There are 2 places that you can practice vocabulary and using these words in sentences on Spelling City.

Online Dictionary to help.
Spelling City to practice vocabulary.

Chapters 1-6
mesa, cormorant, carcasses, kelp, pelts, spearhead, whirring, portioned, abalone, shrouded

Chapters 7-12
gorged, lair, trinkets, brackish, headland, gnawed, stunted, chaffing, omen, clamor

Chapters 13-18
forbade, ancestor, abandoned, stalking, venture, pelican, quivering, haunches, lupine, singed

Chapters 19-24
shimmering, scallops, crevice, dyeing, glossier, gesture, circlet, yucca, reproachfully, fledging

Chapters 25-29
notched, rumbling, horizon, frisk, crest, vanquished, baited, current, thong