CMS Genres

Several years ago students requested the fiction section of the library be organized by genre or type, much like the way music and movies are categorized. Check out these book trailers to find out more about the genres in the CMS Media Center.

Adventure / Fantasy - Stories that contain unrealistic settings, or magic, possibly involving mythical beings or supernatural forms as a primary element of the plot, theme, or setting.

Biography - The story of someone's life. Many historical and contemporary individuals are featured in the biography section.

Graphic Novels / Manga - Graphic Novels rely heavily on images to tell the story. Manga comics were created in Japan in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. Manga comics are read right to left.

Historical Fiction - Stories that are written to portray an historical time period. The characters int he story are fictionalized to convey information about a specific time period. Some popular historical time periods are WWII, The Victorian Era, and the 1960's.

Mystery - Stories that usually involving a mysterious event or a crime to be solved. The reader receives "clues" as the story unfolds, mysteries can be humorous, scary and/or action packed. Popular authors are Lauren Child, April Henry, and William Ritter.

Narrative Non-Fiction - True stories told in a narrative format. May include biographies, memoirs, and/or historical events.

Science Fiction - Stories using imaginative concepts about science and technology. Elements may include spaceflight, time travel, and extraterrestrial life. Popular authors are James Dasher, Marie Lu, and Veronica Roth.

Sports - Biographies, autobiographies, and fictional stories centered around a sport setting, event, or athlete. Popular authors are Carl Deuker, Mike Lupica, and Jason Reynolds.

Suspense / Horror - Suspense is defined by the mood it can evoke in the reader. The story can make the reader feel excitement, surprise, anticipation and anxiety. Horror can frighten, scare, disgust or startle the reader. Popular authors are Darren Shan, Ransom Rigg, and Rick Yancy.