General Entries

Closing date Friday 15th March.

Entries for the whole weekend are available on the link below. Print it out, fill it in, scan it, email it to entries@dunedinorienteering.org. Or print it out, fill it in, and post it, or give it to a Committee member at the next event before 15th March.

Courses Available

Sat OY - Long Red, Medium Red, Short Red, Orange. Yellow, White.

Sat Night Sprint - Mens open, Womens Open, Mens Short, Womens Short.

Sun Long Dist. -

  • W10, W10N, W12A/B, W14A/B, W16A/B, W20A, W21E/A/AS/B/C, W40A, W50A, W60A, W70+A
  • M10, M10N, M12A/B, M14A/B, M16A/B, M20A, M21E/A/AS/B/C, M40A, M50A, M60A, M70+A
  • Mon 90 min Rogaine - Just enter!

Schools' Champs Entries

For full information about the School's Championships go to the School's Info page.

Entries for Schools competitors on the Saturday event [Matarae] have to be submitted separately with the form below.

Closing date Friday 15th March.

Entry Fees

plus $3 SI hire per competitor per event Please ensure each competitor has their own SI stick for the weekend, ie: do not make arrangements to share SI sticks amongst people, across this multiday.