Throughout these pages you will find important information regarding our 6th grade journey. Please refer to them often so that you may be best informed throughout the school year.

Transition Activities-  DES and Bow Memorial work together to provide opportunities for our sixth grade students to transition smoothly over to the middle school in the fall. This is done through various activities that will begin in April.  The first activity is Bow Ambassador Day...each of our students is partnered up with a student from BMS who has similar interests as determined by a questionnaire the students will complete. On the Ambassador Day, those BMS students will meet with us here at DES for several ice-breaker activities, recess and lunch.

The next activity is NEC Day in mid-April. This field trip to New England College is organized by the outdoor education team at NEC and incorporates team building activities for the students to participate in that will further help them all to get to know each other better.  On this day each DES student goes from knowing one student from Bow (their ambassador) to meeting a dozen more in their small group.

In May, the sixth graders will travel over to BMS for Greek Day. After studying Ancient Greece, the students will collaborate with BMS students in several Greek-themed workshops. At this event, students transition from knowing a dozen BMS kids to meeting many more.

Our final transition activity is Step-up day at BMS. This will take place the last week of school. Our students will travel to BMS to meet the seventh grade faculty for next year and take a tour of the school building. Traditionally the administration of BMS provides an evening Open House ice cream social for families during this time as well.

As you can see, your child is provided with many opportunities to become familiar with the BMS building and students in their grade level. This has been a very successful process in the past and we anticipate a successful transition for the students this year as well.  Permission forms for students to attend all of these activities will be sent home shortly.

Boston- Each year we go on an overnight field trip to the Museum of Science. This year it is scheduled for June 7/8. We will need parent volunteers for this trip. This will be a two day trip, and will involve a lot of walking around Boston. If you are not a registered volunteer and would like to chaperone this trip, please contact the office a.s.a.p. If you are interested in chaperoning please contact your child’s teacher, chaperones will be selected by a lottery system.

BMS Foreign Language Placement: Bow Memorial offers a foreign language elective to students in seventh grade in place of a reading class. Within the next few weeks you will receive a letter regarding this elective and a request form that will need to be returned to school.  When making this decision please keep in mind that your child should be strong in reading, has good work habits and an openness to additional homework in order to participate in a foreign language.  We are more than happy to discuss this opportunity with you and answer any questions that you may have.

6th Grade Assignments Calendar