How this document is organized

This document is a tool to aid the entrepreneur. It may be helpful to think of the material as being organized in two main sections.

What to do - the entrepreneurial process: 

 This material covers the basic steps of entrepreneurship: identifying & evaluating an opportunity, planning and execution. 

How to do it: 

This section is organized according to the main functional areas of a business. This material cuts across the phases in the sense that these activities (e.g., market research, people management, financing) need to be performed continually throughout the phases of the development and growth of a firm. It's focus is on execute those functional disciplines in an entrepreneurial context.

Selected special topics:

Some related material

Fuqua "Program for Entrepreneurs:

A new initiative helping students participate in starting ventures while they are getting their MBA.

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For students of the Duke New Ventures Clinic, Management 490

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Some suggested readings


The University Spinout Founder's Handbook from Hutchison Law Group provides helpful information regarding forming and launching a new venture. It is a pdf file attached and accessible below.

Useful and thoughtful research on many aspects of entrepreneurship from Duke faculty can be found at Duke Entrepreneurship Research.


The reader may also find material of interest on the Duke Strategy Research Advantage site.