Organization Profiles
At Duke University, a number of organizations work together to advance the teaching, practice and understanding of entrepreneurship in a spirit of collaboration and mutual support. 

  • Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship, Fuqua
  • Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Fuqua
  • Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization
  • DUhatch
  • DukeGEN
  • Duke Start-Up Challenge
  • Enterprising Leadership Initiative, Hart Leadership Program in the Sanford Institute
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, Fuqua
  • InCube
  • Law and Entrepreneurship LLM Program, Duke Law
  • Markets and Management  Entrepreneurship Program, Arts & Sciences
  • Office of Licensing and Ventures
  • Program for Entrepreneurs, Fuqua
  • The Duke Entrepreneur

Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship, Fuqua
A research and education center based at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) promotes the entrepreneurial pursuit of social impact through the thoughtful adaptation of business expertise.  Social entrepreneurs are renowned for working across sectors and for breaking down artificial barriers to tackle complex social problems effectively. Similarly, CASE works with faculty, students, and administrators from schools and departments across Duke to develop effective social ventures that address the most pressing problems of our time.
More info at: www.caseatduke.org 

Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Fuqua
The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a young initiative that is focusing and expanding the work on entrepreneurship and innovation at Fuqua.  Conducting world class research and integrating it into our educational program is the hallmark of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  The center is creating the momentum to place Fuqua among a small handful of business schools known for both research excellence and a world-class educational experience for MBA students in entrepreneurship and innovation that combines experiential and research-based learning.
Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization
The purpose of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization (CERC) is to move Duke technological innovations into the service of society.  CERC fosters entrepreneurship by bringing people, ideas and resources together and serves as a portal to Duke research, education and commercialization programs.  CERC is a collaborative effort involving schools across campus and their programs, including the Medical School, Pratt School of Engineering, Arts & Sciences, and Fuqua School of Business as well as the Office of the Provost and the Office of Licensing and Ventures.

More info at: http://cerc.duke.edu 

The goal of the Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network (DukeGEN) is to be a sophisticated and active network that helps create debate, dialogue, and productive connections between Duke entrepreneurs.  We are providing the energy and coordination to encourage Duke entrepreneurs, around the globe, to connect and increase their chances of success. We have formed a LinkedIn Group (2800+ members as of February 2011). The LinkedIn Group provides profiles of other Duke alumni that are interested in entrepreneurship and gives a forum to discuss entrepreneurship.

More info at: http://www.dukegen.com

Duke Start-Up Challenge
The Duke Start-Up Challenge (founded in 1999) encourages students to plan and launch their own businesses, receiving feedback from experienced professionals and the chance to win seed capital along the way. Educational seminars are held to cover almost all aspects of starting a business. We work to pair people that have great ideas with people from across the university who have the skills and experiences to turn those ideas into successful businesses. Each phase of the competition is also designed to provide feedback from the judges so that ideas can be further improved.
Enterprising Leadership Initiative, Hart Leadership Program in the Sanford Institute
The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative (ELI) is to awaken, educate, and embolden students to create innovative solutions to community and global problems through passion, persistence, and skilled leadership.  ELI seeks to instill in students moral courage, vision, creativity, adaptive persistence, and personal reflection. Through ELI's rigorous experiential program, undergraduate students are introduced to entrepreneurial leadership and social innovation, social enterprise development, and approaches to living an entrepreneurial life. 

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, Fuqua
The Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club (EVCC) is focused on facilitating interactions between our members, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and venture capitalists around the world.  The EVCC also acts as a liaison between students seeking opportunities in these fields and the Career Center.  The club is one of the most highly subscribed and most active organizations at Fuqua and across Duke.  The EVCC is winner of the MBAA Club of the Year award, 2008-2009. Nominated for Club of the Year, 2007-2008.
More info at: www.dukeevcc.com 

InCube is a community of students who share a passion for entrepreneurship that surpasses classroom education and spills into entrepreneurial initiatives that influence the real world. The InCube community is centered around its entrepreneurship house, a selective living dormitory for some of the most passionate and accomplished entrepreneurial students at Duke University.  InCube aspires to create an infectious entrepreneurial living environment where one student’s passion fuels another’s. In addition to fostering this environment through the living component, InCube will provide incubation-like rescources to support start-ups, including events and some collaboration space. The combination of a supportive and close knit living community with incubation resources will allow InCube member’s entrepreneurial initiatives to flourish.
More info at: http://incube.us/

Law and Entrepreneurship LLM Program, Duke Law
Typically, lawyers are among a startup's handful of founders or serve on early stage leadership teams. In this context, the relationship of the lawyer and the businessperson is so intertwined that a competent lawyer must understand business and a competent businessperson must understand the law. By focusing on this intersection, the new Law and Entrepreneurship LLM Program at Duke provides a valuable foundation for lawyers who plan to be involved with innovative ventures, either as advisers, executives, or CEOs. Building on Duke Law's existing strengths in the fields of business law, intellectual property law, and innovation policy and strategic ties to entrepreneurial companies located in nearby Research Triangle Park, this program offers a distinctive and rigorous educational experience. It also meets a growing need within the legal and business communities for lawyers who can creatively counsel and lead the innovative ventures of today and tomorrow.
Markets and Management Entrepreneurship Program, Arts & Sciences
Markets and Management is a certificate program for Duke undergraduates wanting to study business, organizations, entrepreneurship, and related issues. The program exposes students to cutting-edge research and provides opportunities to engage in real-world experiences both at home and globally. This certification prepares students for careers in business and management, entrepreneurship, banking, consulting, technology, government, the non-profit sector, and related graduate fields.
Office of Licensing and Ventures
The Office of Licensing & Ventures (OLV) is responsible for patents, technology licenses and new venture development for Duke University and Medical Center.  Through direct, daily interaction with faculty, small and large businesses, and venture investors, OLV builds strong relationships and agreements to translate academic discoveries into commercial products that benefit society, impact public health, and improve the quality of life.  
More info at: http://olv.duke.edu

Program for Entrepreneurs, Fuqua
The Program for Entrepreneurs (P4E)  assists entrepreneurs in launching new business and social ventures.
This initiative is the capstone of Fuqua’s entrepreneurship educational offerings.  It leverages Fuqua’s academic research, courses and broad community of practitioners to work with entrepreneurs to define, plan, establish and finance new ventures.

More info at: http://www.dukep4e.org

The Duke Entrepreneur
The Duke Entrepreneur seeks to provide an undergraduate voice to the entrepreneurial community at Duke University. We serve as the main point of contact for all undergraduate organizations focused on entrepreneurship, especially the exchange of business ideas and connections among students, faculty, alumni and the greater Duke community.