Our Farm, a brief history

Duff Farm History

Duff Farm was originally the centre paddock on the large Tokarahi Estate in North Otago which was leased by the McMaster Family during the latter period of the 19th century.

In 1897 the Government terminated the lease, and the land was surveyed into suitable sized farm blocks which were then put up for public ballot. The Duff Family took ownership of Duff Farm in 1901 and for the next 100 years, lamb, mutton, wool, cereal and rye grass seed were the main sources of income for the family.

Wheat was supplied to the Milligan’s Eclipse Flour Mill at Ngapara and Perennial Rye grass, Red Clover, White Clover, Kale and Cocksfoot seeds were cleaned and packed for the farm in several stores in Oamaru which included, National Mortgage, Stringer & Co and Wright Stephenson & Co.

In 1978 Robert and Yvonne Duff took over the property from Lex and Gwen Duff, Robert’s parents. The couple continued to successfully run the farm but in recent years shifted the focus away from sheep production. Robert along with sons Grant and Eric have focused more attention on beef cattle, cereal grain and rye grass seed production.

Waitaki Boys High School fund raiser, removing off types out of the Kale seed crop.