Contact Information

  • Email (preferred) - 
    • Please allow 24 hrs for a response and be aware that I do not check my email after 4pm. 
  • Class Phone - (925) 828-1037 ext.    
    • I do not check my voicemail or answer calls throughout the school day.  If it is an urgent message, please give to the office or email me. 
  • Daily Homework Planner 
    • Please use the space in your child's homework planner to write any notes to me.  I check these planners daily and will see any comments you include. 

Parents please know that my mornings before school begins are usually busy with preparing for the day ahead.  If you would like to meet with me for a conference, the best way is to send an email with your availability.  If you can only meet in the mornings that isn't a problem, I just need to know ahead of time.