Kindergarten - Celebrating Our Visible Thinking

Scottish Corners

Students collaborate, think flexibly, and persevere to create a castle with blocks.
 Bailey Elementary

One way to help students communicate with confidence is to have them share their experiences and interests with others. We start this in kindergarten. Today a kindergartener at Bailey Elementary uses the Smart Board to read and share images of experiences she's had with her family.


Daniel Wright

Pictures left and right:

Kindergarten students  design their own wonder questions to guide their research on their adopted polar bears.

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Kindergarten students at Deer Run began a hands-on, exploratory lesson about 3D shapes by reflecting on a photograph of many different types of homes. 

They utilized a thinking routine called Think-Puzzle-Explore to reflect on what they know about shapes. 

The lesson also included the following practices of thinkers: 
collaboration, creativity and innovation, thinking flexibly and communicating with confidence.

Students collaborated in groups of two or three to create models of buildings/homes for a living thing using 3D blocks, cubes, paper and then shared their creations.

Cardboard Challenge Buddy Activity
 at Thomas Elementary. 

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Smith's class paired up with big buddies in Mrs. Deschler's Third Grade Class and Mrs. Allen's Fourth Grade Class. We first met to watch Caine's Arcade and develop our own plan. We met again to create, think flexibly, persevere, and collaborate in the process. We met on a third day to communicate our products with confidence to our peers and enjoy the play. It was a great experience.

Kindergarteners at Chapman Elementary are in a year of curiosity with everything they are learning here at school. Matthias Gruber a researcher explains the importance of curiosity in students, “If teachers can somehow get students curious about material they would otherwise consider boring (perhaps by connecting it to something kids are fascinated by), they might enhance students’ ability to learn that material- and material presented with it.” Check out the pictures below to see how we are supporting our youngest students enrichment with their natural curiosity.

The kindergarten students at Thomas Elementary discussed the sun, moon, and stars with their teacher  (Mrs. Smith). 

They noticed that the sun can be seen only in the day but the moon can be seen sometimes in the day and at night. They  also talked about star constellations. 

The students then created their own star constellations using marshmallows and toothpicks.