2nd Grade - Celebrating Our Visible Thinking

A second grade student sharing his interest with classmates and making his learning visible to others.
Second graders are encouraged to solve math problems using efficient strategies. It’s exciting to see them confidently share their strategies with one another. They are learning from each other, asking questions and persevering to work through challenges. Ms. Lehman’s students are developing great habits and becoming strong mathematical thinkers.

This is how Kay Leigh Jones' class worked through second grade science standards while giving students opportunities to explore their interests within this specific standard.

 Indian Run
*This unit was planned and implemented in collaboration with Lynsey Burkins (Literacy Coach).
During this unit, we explored the text, The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson, a story set during the era of segregation. In this narrative, the main characters develop a friendship despite a fence that separates the African-Americans from the Caucasians, a barrier that is symbolic of the racial tensions of that time period. 

We started this unit by thinking about our "Notices" and "Wonders" as we dove into the story. The students posed questions such as, "Why were they separated?" "What will happen if the girls cross the fence?" "What were the other children thinking?" "What will happen after the story ends?" 

Using their questions as an entry-point into the text, the students considered what all the characters were thinking at an important part of the story. They captured the characters' thoughts by creating thought bubbles and also placing themselves as a character in the story during that event. This helped the students grasp the symbolism of the fence in the story.

Based on our discussions centered around these critical questions, students were able to draw conclusions about the author's message. They worked in small groups to record the lesson of the story and provide specific text evidence to support their ideas.

Scottish Corners

Left:  2nd graders do a thinking routine on SCE's See Think Wonder Wall about the new construction! 

Right:Second graders add to their Wonder Wall when they have a new wonder! Students can respond to each others' wonders! 

 Balloon Cars from Scottish Corners

Thinking Habit #2 - Collaboration: What does collaboration mean?  

Collaboration is the ability to play, plan, design, work, learn, and think together.

Thinkers choose to collaborate, knowing that the thinking and feedback from others will lead to bigger ideas and more thoughtful solutions. Team members in a collaborative group embrace diverse perspectives of each member and assume different roles in order to achieve group goals.

2nd graders from Scottish Corners Elementary collaborating around balloon cars. Student groups created cars and applied their understanding of the properties of air to make their cars go. 

 Lego Challenge from Glacier Ridge  
Encouraging creativity and innovation is one of the many ways we grow thinkers.  Second grade students at Glacier Ridge Elementary utilized their creativity and innovation with a LEGO Challenge during Library.  Students were given the task to build a bird out of the LEGOs, while blindfolded.Our thinkers were encouraged to use their imagination, think creatively, persevere through the challenge of being blindfolded, and communicate about their idea during this challenge!