1st Grade - Celebrating Our Visible Thinking

First graders in Miss Rader's class worked to make their thinking visible through the writing process. Students used the opinion writing standards to write book reviews on various books. They began their work with their literacy coach to learn what a book review was and how it could be used. They then read many books and completed their own reviews on the books. After much practice, they each chose a favorite book to write a review on using Pixie!  They worked together and collaborated within student-led small groups.  This photo shows the progression of their thinking and demonstrates an interactive display through student work, anchor charts, and photographs.

EPES 1st Graders Create an Idea Machine

Here 2 boys are talking about a plan. The project is asking the students to identify a problem and imagine a solution to the problem. Here they are brainstorming and designing the idea. His problem is he can't think of ideas, so he has created an idea machine.

Scottish Corners
First graders making simple machines during "Free Fridays" in library. 


Lindsay Law's First Grade Class at Scottish Corners. 
Scottish Corners

Today we did our 3-2-1 Bridge after our study of whales! They did such a great job using new vocabulary words and really asking some thoughtful questions! Like why do they live in water when they can't breathe? 

Why are they SO BIG?! Why are sharks and whales so different but kind of the same?
I was so proud of them! We took a moment and just stared at the wall and I heard, "WOW!" because yeah, wow! Look at all that!