5th Grade - Celebrating Our Visible Thinking


Left and Above:
Inspired by Caine's Arcade, Pinney Fifth Graders designed their own games for the cardboard challenge. In order to be successful with this challenge, students needed to use all 6 Habits of Thinkers as they worked through the process. They thought flexibly, collaborated with others, were innovative in their ideas, persevered, thought flexibly, and communicated ideas with confidence! You can learn more about Caine's Arcade in this video: https://youtu.be/Ul9c-4dX4Hk
 Scottish Corners
5th grader created a "working" claw machine for a Valentine's Box! Yes a Valentine's box!!! 

Indian Run

Sandy Siers at IRE worked with 5th grade students using a thinking routine with a compass to guide their thinking. Using a shared text, students collaboratively shared their thinking about a big idea from their reading.

Students used The Six Thinking habits in many ways during the launching of an informational writing unit in Mrs. Unger's class. They used the Thinking Habits of "Asking Questions" and "Collaborating with Others" in order to brainstorm and determine appropriate topics for this writing unit. They collaborated on ideas and took suggestions to pick the best topics to match their interests. Students also used the Thinking habit of "Thinking Flexibly" by using a graphic organizer to think on how best to narrow a topic for writing and formulate good topic ideas for the paragraphs in their writing pieces.