Thinkers Persevere

It's important to teach our students to persevere because we want them to be resilient when faced with challenge. Thinkers who persevere know how to modify their initial plans, rethink their questions, or ask others for help in order to meet their goals. We seek to provide our students with the skills and experiences to prepare them for life's challenges.  Our thinkers are learning that achieving goals is meant to be hard and that they have the strategies to persevere. 

We encourage our thinkers to persevere by asking:

  • What have I accomplished so far? 
  • Why would I want to stop now? 
  • Why is this challenging for me? 
  • What can I do to get past this challenge? 
  • Is my plan working? Am I on track? How do I know? 
  • Why is this goal important to me or to my team? 
  • Who could collaborate with me to keep me moving forward? 

Strategies our thinkers may use when persevering: 

  • They don't give up
  • They remain positive in their ability to overcome the challenge.
  • They identify big goals and little goals to prevent being overwhelmed
  • They continually reflect and celebrate progress along the way
  • They start over when things aren't working
  • They seek different solutions
  • They remember past accomplishments that were achieved by working through challenge
  • Reflect on their progress with others and gather feedback for moving forward