Thinkers Communicate Ideas with Confidence

When a thinker presents ideas with confidence, she clearly communicates her thinking so that her audience has a clear understanding of her knowledge, her attitudes, or her processes. Thinkers are able to communicate ideas through speech, writing, design, and modeling. Confident thinkers recognize it's just as important to communicate how they developed an idea or solution as it is to have the right answer because strong communication will allow others to collaborate with them and provide them with meaningful feedback. When thinkers communicate with clarity and confidence, it not only supports their audience but it better helps them understand their own thinking. 

Questions thinkers ask about their communication: 

  • What am I trying to say?
  • Who is my audience and why am I sharing this with them?
  • Is my thinking accurate? 
  • Am I leaving anything important out? 
  • Am I adding my opinions and is this getting in the way of the facts? 
  • When observing other who present their ideas well, ask, 'Why is this easy to understand?' 
  • What will I do different the next time I present to feel more confident or to present my ideas more clearly?
  • Am I using words that are familiar to my audience?

These two third grade students, Mia and Sadhana, shared a common interest in manatees. They started doing research together before winter break. During winter break, the two girls collaborated on their slide show using a Google Sheets document. They were excited to share their final product with the class. They definitely communicated their new found information with confidence!