Thinkers Ask Questions

Thinking is a process and asking questions is the foundation of all inquiry and study. Simply put - asking questions helps thinkers to understand ideas, problems, and different perspectives.  We encourage our students to ask questions in order to make sense of what is unknown or to discover new ways of doing something. Great thinkers ask many questions, recognize the importance of gathering information from many sources and see the value in asking the RIGHT question. They also actively develop strategies to find the answers to their questions.

We encourage our students to ask questions to:

  • Determine how to begin 
  • Identify a learning goal 
  • Solve problems
  • Better understand a complex idea
  • Feed their curiosity
  • Identify next steps when they find themselves in an unfamiliar situation
  • Reflect upon the success of their thinking
  • Gain feedback from others
  • Determine if their thinking is reasonable
  • Predict future outcomes