Thinkers Create and Innovate
Our future depends on creative thinkers and innovation! Being able to develop ideas that lead to new or 
improved products, services, or solutions is essential for all of our futures. Our students need to be equipped to think differently when problem solving, when designing, when creating, or when rich opportunities present themselves. 

Creativity allows our thinkers to turn new and inventive ideas into reality. It involves looking at the world in novel ways to uncover hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. Creativity involves two processes: thinking and producing. If a thinker considers new ideas but doesn't put those ideas into action, he is being imaginative but not creative.

Innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product, service, or process that creates value.  Innovation begins with creative thinking.  Most easily stated, there is no such thing as innovation without creation.

It's been said that 5 year olds ask 120 questions a day, at 6 they ask only 60 questions a day, and at 40, 
adults ask only 4 questions a day. Creative thinkers embrace the "beginner's mind" and allow themselves to 
focus more on asking questions than on finding quick solutions. 

We encourage our creative thinkers to:
  • Explore ideas and experiment 
  • Use their imagination
  • Draw connections between questions, problems, or ideas that are seemingly unrelated
  • Ask questions that challenge ordinary ways of thinking or doing
  • Collaborate with people who have different ideas and perspectives from your own
  • Exercise your creative thinking muscles routinely just like you exercise muscles to be physically stronger
  • Consider everyday things and imagine how they could be improved with a few modifications 
  • Work at making ideas great and then work harder to turn them into that something that changes the world for the better
  • Pay attention to questions other people ask like artists, scientists, and leaders