We Grow Thinkers Who Embrace Challenge

Students who embrace challenge learn to value the learning process regardless of their ability to get the right answer or to produce a desired product. When coupled with a growth mindset, students who see challenge in a positive light:
  • Enjoy learning 
  • Don't stress about being perfect
  • Act with confidence
  • Are less anxious and don't fixate over problems and challenges
  • Take responsibility for their actions and decisions
  • See single events as just that and realize that challenge doesn't define them as a learner
  • Are resilient
  • Use challenge as form of feedback 
  • Avoid feelings of superiority and see the success of others as inspiration and a source of learning

Why is this practice important to a culture of thinking?

Students who embrace challenge learn to value all aspects of the learning process regardless of the outcome or their ability to get the right answer. 
  • Convinces students they can succeed
  • Helps students assume ownership of learning
  • Supports students in realizing their potential
  • Encourages students to stretch their knowledge 
  • Develops a growth mindset in students
  • Teaches students to develop and demonstrate effective coping skills

What does this look like in our classrooms?

We create a rigorous learning environment that embraces challenge when we:
  • Give students opportunities to fail and build on their new understandings 
  • Ask complex questions and pause for reflection from students
  • Provide challenge within a nurturing classroom setting
  • Model process oriented feedback for students and give them the reflective language they need to provide feedback to their peers
  • Validate student thinking and ask for elaboration
  • Model independent learning
  • Allow think time
  • Build in self-reflection time so students can consider how they worked through challenges 

How do we work collaboratively to build a culture around these practices?

As a district, we are committed to a schoolwide culture that seeks opportunities to provide all students with challenge in their learning. We actively seek opportunities to work collaboratively as a staff and engage in ongoing dialogue regarding the instructional experiences we provide for our students. We celebrate individual learners by encouraging students to embrace challenge and to see it as a form of feedback in regards to their progress in reaching their individual learning goals.