We Grow Thinkers Who Celebrate Success

What is Success?

"Let's teach our children that goals aren't intangible, floating ideals. Let's teach them that it doesn't always matter where the starting line is. What matters more is a commitment to work hard, to accept failure as an opportunity to learn and a re-commitment to work harder" 
-Renee Jain

Have you ever tried to define success? Success is a personal destination point. For some, success is defined as completing a task with great accuracy while for others, it's the act of persevering through challenge. Both perspectives are correct because success, you see, is defined by the individual and by the goals that he has established for himself in any of life's adventures. While the definitions may vary regarding success, there is one thing that we all can agree on - success should be celebrated. It's our obligation to highlight our students and their journey through the learning process by celebrating their attempts and efforts along the way.

Why is celebrating success important?

  • Celebrations of success build motivation and momentum for all learners. 
  • Perseverance and risk taking are valued as indicators of success and not failure. 
  • A collaborative culture of open-minded thinkers is developed.

What does this look in our classrooms?

Celebrations of success occur throughout the day and in various settings as students are given opportunities to participate in whole class reflection and self-reflection. Our students reflect upon new learning, identify struggles and how they navigated through challenge, and share final products.  
    Teachers Encourage Reflection and Celebration by:
    • Making time for students to reflect on the learning process
    • Supporting students in creating content and thinking goals, and providing them with ways to monitor progress
    • Making learning visible to others
    • Celebrating progress as thinkers
    • Prioritizing time for reflection throughout the day

    How do we work collaboratively to build a culture around these practices? 

    As a school, we commit to a school wide culture and community that celebrates the success of all learners. We actively seek opportunities to work collaboratively as a staff and engage in ongoing dialogue regarding the instructional experiences we provide for our students. We celebrate the individual learner daily and in all learning environments within our school. We recognize that success is defined by learning goals of the individual student and is not defined by achievement alone.