Dublin City Schools is committed to an educational program which provides all students with the opportunities to develop to their fullest potential. Inherent in that commitment is the recognition of the unique abilities, talents, interest, and needs of intellectually gifted students. These students need a differentiated curriculum in which the content, teaching strategies, and expectations of student mastery have been adjusted to be appropriate for gifted students.

The program for gifted students in Dublin City Schools is guided by the following goals:

· To provide an environment that will cultivate and encourage intellectual and creative abilities.

· To provide students with instruction in the regular curriculum with appropriate enrichment and acceleration according to the students’ interests, readiness, and learning styles.

· To develop a realistic self-concept which allows students to realize and acknowledge their own and others’ skills and talents.

· To provide a classroom environment in which students can freely and willingly communicate with their intellectual peers and teachers.
· To provide the opportunity, structure, and expectation which will increasingly encourage constructive independence and self-sufficiency.

· To encourage the development of a more extensive knowledge base.

· To develop research skills and strategies to enable students to become more independent searchers of knowledge.


 Program Description 
The gifted program of study is based on the state’s standards based curriculum and the Georgia Performance Standards. In addition, gifted students will have the opportunity to be involved with a differentiated curriculum formatted and implemented by teachers with specialized training in gifted education. This curriculum employs a variety of activities, all of which focus on enrichment, acceleration, creative and critical thinking, student interest-based projects, independent study, complex tasks and scientific inquiry activities.
Gifted students in grades K-5 participate in a pull-out enrichment program with the gifted resource teacher.  Content is related to broad-based issues, themes, or problems. These pull-out classes emphasize creative problem solving, oral and written communication, and independent research activities.  In addition, elementary gifted students are enriched by gifted endorsed classroom teachers in a cluster group.

  Middle School:

Middle school gifted students receive advancement and enrichment through  honors classes in core academic areas. Classes meet  daily and are taught by gifted endorsed teachers.

 High School:

   Dublin High School serves gifted students through honors, AP and IB classes in core academic areas. These classes are taught by gifted endorsed and AP/IB trained certified teachers. Additionally, students have the opportunity to earn college credit through PSO(Post Secondary Options) their  senior year.

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