Budget and Finance

2017 Preliminary Budget Available For Public Review




Notice is hereby given that Dublin Borough Council will consider the Adoption of the Borough’s 2017 Budget at its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, December 19, 2016 at 7:30 pm in Dublin Borough Hall, 119 Maple Avenue, Dublin, Pa.  A copy of the Proposed Preliminary Budget is available for public inspection at Borough Hall between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm business days and at www.dublinborough.org. All interested parties are invited to attend the meeting and comment. Written comments received prior the meeting will also be considered.



The proposed 2017 Budget is presented here for your review and comment. The document has been prepared in three (3) sections as follows:

Budget Message 

The Letter of Transmittal is an overview of the budget in commentary form, generally referred to as the Budget Message.  It is prepared to provide the Borough Council, administrative staff, and Borough residents with a narrative review of significant factors affecting the proposed budget, and highlight areas of relative importance in understanding the financial section.  It also contains a summary of program and service delivery, cash position, and revenue and expense forecasts included in the budget.

The Budget consists of ten (10) Funds each detailing in line item format the projected revenues and proposed expenditures for the forthcoming year.  A three-year history of actual revenues and expenditures including projections for the current year is provided for trending purposes, and projected beginning and ending fund balances are shown to evaluate cash position.  Due to its size, a summary of the General Fund by revenue and expense category is also provided.  An overall summary of the ten (10) funds provides a financial snapshot of the organization.

The Supporting Data or Budget Schedules offer an additional level of detail for specific line items in each Operating Budget.  This information is provided to assist in understanding how specific budget appropriations have been developed.  Where supporting data is available, a schedule letter is indicated in the budget document, and an alphabetical index is provided for easy reference.  The Supporting Data should assist in further explaining the cost of Borough services and provide more meaning to the budget projections.