Budget and Finance

2018 Budget Adopted on December 18, 2017

The 2018 Budget reflects an increase in property taxes by 3 mills from 15.25 to 18.25 mils.  The fund balance for the general fund, continues to reduce due to increases in unfunded mandates like storm water management requirements, cost of equipment, materials and operational items; and due to staff increases that are required to maintain to level of service that is provided to Borough residents.  

 A home owner assessed at the average assessment value of $26,262 will pay $479.25 per year in real estate property taxes based on a total millage of 18.25. Sixteen and three-quarters (16.75) are earmarked for General Fund purposes and equals approximately $313,911. The remaining 1.5 mills are allocated to the Street Improvement Fund and generate approximately $28,111 in revenue annually. To a home owner assessed at the average assessment value of $26,199, this millage increase equals approximately $78.79 annually.

 Allocating resources wisely for the health, safety, and welfare of the community is an important step in maintaining accustomed service levels that will enhance the quality of life currently enjoyed by our residents.   

 The 2018 Budget provides the necessary resources for the Borough organization to achieve the goals and priorities established by Borough Council.  It maintains accustomed service levels and represents an accurate estimate in dollars of the Borough’s commitment to deliver quality municipal services to the Dublin Borough community.

 This budget document is presented here for your consideration and the Administration will be pleased to address any questions on the document.