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The Dublin Borough Council welcomes you to our website. It is our pleasure to provide this information for anyone wishing to learn more about the Borough's history, public services, and many community events.  The Borough is proud to be part of a community we believe it is a great place to live, work and play.  


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The next meeting of Council will be Monday, March 9 at 7:30.


As a water supplier, by July 1st of each year, Dublin Borough is required to prepare an annual water quality report for the customers which Dublin Borough serves. This report is designed to inform you about the quality of our water and services we deliver to you every day.  The report contains tables that list any drinking water contaminants and other water quality standards as a result of monitoring during the calendar year of  the  three operating wells located within the Borough.  This report is now available for download on the Borough's website. Hard copies are also available for review in Borough Hall (119 Maple Avenue). Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe, dependable supply of drinking water. We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources. We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water.


Dublin Borough is considering the formation of a Historic District along portions of Main Street, Maple Avenue and Elephant Road (See map of proposed boundaries below).  

@BucksCountyGovt released the #BucksCounty Household Hazardous Waste & Electronics Collection Schedule for 2014.  CLICK FOR DATES & TIMES!


At their January 27th meeting, the Dublin Borough Council adopted Resolution 2014-03 which amends the Borough's 2005 Comprehensive Plan by adding the Revitalization & Visioning Plan for Dublin Borough as amendment. This accomplishment sets the vision and goals future revitalization efforts for Dublin Borough.


Dublin Borough Residents:

We understand and recognize the inconvenience the recent winter storms have created for all of us. Due to the nature and timing of these storms occurring very close to one another, snow plowing operations have been very difficult.

Please remember that the Borough’s primary responsibility is to make the streets clear and passable for the community’s overall public safety and welfare. It is not the Borough’s responsibility to clear driveway aprons, sidewalks, and mailboxes. We do recognize that the snow plowing of Borough streets impacts property owners when it comes to your driveway aprons, sidewalks and mailboxes.  This is, unfortunately, an unavoidable consequence of snow plowing operations that everyone needs to understand and accept as part of overall public safety.

Due to the extraordinary amount of snow and ice received during this record breaking winter, crews have been working around the clock and doing their best to move the snow off of Borough streets.  Crews have been instructed to clear piles of snow away from intersections to provide safe site distances for vehicle entering adjacent roadways.  They will also be attempting to clear storm water inlets and fire hydrants. This unfortunately may result in snow being pushed, in many cases, onto properties beyond the curb line in order to make the roads safe and passable.

In order to best serve the community and keep streets clear, we ask resident to not park vehicles on Borough streets until snow plow operations have been completed.  In addition, please do not place snow from your driveways and sidewalks in Borough streets as this can create hazardous conditions and result in increased snow removal costs for the Borough.

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this difficult winter as Borough crews continue to clean up after these storms.

William Wert,

Dublin Borough

Dublin Borough Streets – 215-249-3310

Meadow Lane & Circle    Moyer Drive
Marylyn Lane   Rickerts Road    
Saddlebrook Drive  Stallion Court
Trotters Way  Applewood Lane
Cherry Lane   Mill Street 
Middle Road                     Parkside Drive
Valley Green Lane   Fox Hollow Road
Quail Drive       Olde Pilgrim Road
Cobble Stone Road    High Street
North Main Street (Rt 313)          
South Main Street (Rt 313)
Elephant Road  Deep Run Road
Maple Avenue   


Dublin Borough wants you to be informed before, during, and after an emergency. That's why the Borough uses the Ready Notify system to provide a broad range of emergency notification to those who live and work in Dublin. And that is why the Borough strongly recommends that its residents sign up for this emergency notification program. ReadyNotifyPA is a 5-County regional notification system intended to provide emergency notifications that are relevant to our area. 

This alerting system is another powerful tool being utilized by Dublin Borough to communicate with our residents. When situations arise in Southeastern Pennsylvania that may affect you and your family, ReadyNotifyPA lets the Emergency Management officials quickly and directly notify you. 

ReadyNotifyPA can send an e-mail or a text message to your mobile phone or other e-mail enabled device. You let ReadyNotifyPA know how you’d like to be notified. The alerts are free; however, your cellular provider may charge for text messaging.

What’s unique about the system is the degree to which subscribers can customize the kinds of messages they receive as well as how they receive them.

For more information and to sign up, visit ReadyNotifyPA.org and click Bucks County. Choose an option in the left-hand menu, or use the “Click Here to Register” button to sign up.

Be among the first to find out and stay informed during an emergency. Please take the time to sign up for this TODAY!

Dublin Borough Ordinance # 256 requires that ALL sidewalks be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours after the precipitation has ended. Failure to clear sidewalks could result in citations being issued. This is for the safety and well being of the public using the sidewalks and prevents pedestrians from entering the roadways. Also, don’t forget to shovel out the fire hydrant near your home.
Thank you for your cooperation! 


        At their December 16, 2013 meeting, Dublin Borough Council adopted the 2014 Annual Operating and Capital Budget.The proposed 2014 Budget incorporates a 3-Mil property tax increase for the General Fund. The increased property tax millage goes from 10.000 mills to 13.000 mills. Of the total 13.000 mills, 11.5 are earmarked for General Fund purposes and equals approximately $215,000.00 or 21.9% of total General Fund Revenue.  The remaining 1.5 mills are allocated to the Street Improvement Fund and generate approximately $28,000 in revenue annually.

        A home owner assessed at the average assessment value of $26,304 will pay $342.00 per year in real estate property taxes or $28.50 per month for Borough services.  

        The increase in real estate property tax is necessary to maintain services at current levels, cover the anticipated deficit at year end 2014, maintain the General Fund Balance and provide on-going funding to the General Capital Fund for Phase 2 of Supplee Park. It also establishes seed money for the Revitalization & Visioning Plan pending successful grant awards. For the full narrative and budget CLICK HERE


Supplee Park Master Plan

The Supplee Park walking trail and playgrounds are now open for use. Also, great news, Dublin Borough has been awarded a $250,000 grant to complete Phase 2.  CLICK HERE for all the details.