Design Lab & Exploration Electives
Intersession is a time when students pause their Core Academic classes and take  deep dive into Design Lab and Exploration Electives.  It's a time to get out there and try something new - you never what may ignite a hidden passion, introduce you to a new field of interest, and or help you build healthy habits of

      Intersession Dates

November 6-17, 2017

anuary 16-26, 2018

                March 19
-30, 2018

                June 11-22, 2018
Please note there is NO EARLY RELEASE during Intersession.

What Types of Classes are Offered during Intersession?

Students start their day with a Design Thinking elective class each Intersession.  The Exploration classes in the afternoon offer a wide variety of elective classes.  Students are required to take Design Lab all 4 years at   Students also are required to take one year-long (4 intersessions) Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA) class by the end of their Junior year in order to meet the VAPA requirement for UC/CSU college admissions. VAPA classes are taken during the Exploration Elective sessions and require student participation in the Intersession Celebrations and final performances.  Both Design Lab and all VAPA classes are LETTER graded and count toward the student GPA.

Click on the links below, or on the left, for more details on the Exploration classes:

Sign up for d.lab and Exploration electives in your  DO NOT EMAIL course requests to Dr. Little - use the request form.  if you have general Intersession questions, please do find me during your FIT.  

Parents, encourage your students to meet with Dr. Little during their FIT class if they have questions.  Remember, we are creating self-directed superstars!

Intersession Celebrations

Celebrate the achievements from each Intersession at the Intersession celebrations, where attendees can meet the instructors, see class demonstrations, performances, and projects!  Dates TBD.

Changes in the Schedule:
Please understand that Exploration classes are taught by professionals working in industry and sometimes schedule or work projects arise beyond our control and result in having to reschedule or cancel a class.  While this is disappointing, please remember that all intersession classes are subject to change based on instructor availability, class location, and student interest.  Please check the website often in preparation for Intersession-- the Welcome Letters are the best place for specific class information and are typically available 2 weeks prior to Intersession.   

Is Attendance at Intersession Required? 

Yes!  Students are required to attend all days of school during Intersession. Students who have 3 or more absences in one intersession period are in danger of failing their class, as they are attending less than 75% of the Intersession period.  Remember, missing a day of Intersession is like missing 3 days of a regular class - so make sure to connect with your Intersession instructors (in person) about any absences and how they may impact your grade for that Intersession period. 

Please call the office to report any absences as you would normally report during regular instructional periods. 

What's the Schedule during Intersession?

*Students in the Oracle Technology classes will be offered lunch and do not need to bring a lunch to school.

*Riekes Center (Rockband) will leave at 12:30 pm. You may eat before or at Riekes, but there is no eating in the vans that take you to Riekes.

How will Intersession Classes be Graded?

Students will receive high school graduation credit for their Intersession electives.  Design Lab classes are letter graded and count toward the overall GPA.  Students enrolled in Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA) classes will also earn letter grades. 

All letter grades factor into the GPA, so students should make sure to fulfill all course requirements if they want to earn high marks.  Students must pass all course requirements over 4 intersessions of the same Visual Performing Arts class in order receive 1 year of UC  approved "g" VAPA credit.  If classes are only offered as 2-Intersession series, then students may combine with another Visual Performing Arts class in the same area -- combing within Dance, Dramatic Arts, Music or Visual Arts.

Students enrolled in a VAPA class will automatically be enrolled in the next session unless they request otherwise (via the class request form- coming soon!).

Every VAPA class is required to host a showcase and/or final performance.  Students must participate in the final performance.  Please do not plan vacations or appointments during these weeks as students will not likely have an opportunity to make up final performances. 

How can I help make Intersession better? 

Businesses, Community Partners & parents can volunteer their time during Intersession by sharing their talents, passions expertise, and skills with our students. 

Please contact Wendy Little at if you have any ideas, skills, or expertise you would like to offer up for an Exploration class!

Transportation!  Help us out & volunteer to drive for a day or two...

We need lots of help coordinating and providing transportation during intersession.  All students will start their days on campus for their Design Thinking class.  Students in off campus classes will be shuttled via KidzJet vans and/or parent carpools to their afternoon classes.  Parents should plan to pick up their students FROM their afternoon classes at 3:35 (unless otherwise stated). 

For the upcoming Intersession, the offsite class locations will be:
  • Riekes Center, Menlo Park
  • Planet Granite, Belmont
  • Peninsula Ballet Theater
  • Mela Yoga
  • Kuk Sool Won
  • Rollins Road
  • Mariner's Golf Center
We need drivers who can volunteer from 12:00 pm -1:00 pm.

Volunteer for one day, a few days or all 2 weeks!  Let us know if you have a destination preference.  Drivers must complete certain documentation requirements before transporting students - see all details for volunteering here.  

Please let us know if you are willing to help out by sending an email to:  



Students, please fill out the Intersession Suggestion Form to suggest new classes or improvements to the program! 

Please contact Wendy Little, Director of Student & Community Transitions, at if you have ideas and skills you would like to share during one of our Intersession Programs.