Our journey so far
In 1998 a group of people with devotion towards humanity formed a society with the noble aim to provide better education and life to children in need, who can not attend school because of poverty. In order to help, this society (DSWS) started an educational institute with the name of DRYDAN PUBLIC SCHOOL. At the same time Opus III, an organisation from Belgium, also started school in the same area and was looking for a partner. Finally both organizations met and agreed to work together.

We are active in four domains


The educational branch consists of the Drydan Public Senior school, 4 Fun & Child schools and an industrial training institute, spread over the city of Jaipur. 


Within Hasanpura a hospital was built where people from the area can get 24h medical support, 7 days a week.

On the campus of the DPS school, there is a hostel where 40 boys from the countryside of Jaipur can reside, as well as a local committee center.  

To empower women and ensure they can earn money to fund the future education of their children, DSWS supports women to create and sell qualitative products