EDPG-ADF study egroup (test site - currently residing at www.druidpolarity.com domain and plan to move it to edg-adf.org)


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24 August, 2011, at the time of this writing the Enchanted Desert Protogrove is currently and temporarily defunct as an official Grove of ADF: A Druid Fellowship, however, it will resume function as a Protogrove with ADF in October, upon approval of application.

Currently Enchanted Desert Study Group - ADF is the unofficial mode of our group until that time. Our role as a study group is to informally meet on the 3rd Sunday, each month at a bookstore. Times may vary slightly, so contact me, Polarity, if you wish to attend. We share in fellowship and exchange what we've learned and experiences, books and tools to show and discussions, planning of events and so forth.

With our egroup, or 'groups', "ADF-Druids" in Google, we consist of both ADF members and non-ADF members, who are also some of our Protogrove friends. Pagans and Pagan friendlies are invited with focus to our group postings.

Enchanted Desert Protogrove, ADF, is currently not listed on the ADF: A Druid Fellowships roll of Grove listings.

The Grove Organizer, Polarity, found need to take a year off after six years of taking care of the Enchanted Desert Protogrove, ADF. We will resume in the Fall of 2011, in the month of October once our application to ADF: A Druid Fellowship, is once again approved.

Currently in test to those who have been officially invited.


We are currently in testing for this area; if you wish to seriously reach the Protogrove: Enchanted Desert Protogrove, ADF or the Grove Organizer, the current email address is: 

Point of contact is Polarity: polarity@druidpolarity.com

The Protogrove's website: www.edg-adf.org