Staff Appreciation

Program Chairs:
Palmer River:  Elyse Thaler and Jen Wheeler
Beckwith: Jenn Silva and Sue DePalo
Bus Driver: Lisa-Marie Dyer

Program Description: plan and coordinate appreciation events for staff and bus drivers annually.

Words can not express our gratitude for all the staff does on a daily basis for our children. 

Staff appreciation Events were held at Palmer River, Beckwith and for Bus Drivers during June.  Teachers enjoyed lunch at each school and Bus drivers had brunch.  Raffles were held at all three events. 

-Parents of PRES and BWM
-Anjulan's Florist
-Andrade Family
-Confectionery Designs/ Soliday Family
-Dunkin Donuts
-PTSA- Literacy Baskets
-Rehoboth House of Pizza
-Scialo's Bakery