PEG Grants

2016-2017 PEG Grants recipients


Jerelyn Nevil : $875 (Mimeo Interactive)

Mr. Martone: $709.28 (Basketball hoops)

Ms. McNutt


Palmer River:

Ms. Lyczynski:  $270 (5 Ozobots)

Rackliffe/Nokes: $575.20 (Weather/Curriculum)

Ms. Klinkhamer: $237.48 (Rockets)

Mr. Kepnes: $2,085 (Climbing wall installation)



Program Chair: Wendi DeClercq
Email address:

In keeping with the purpose of the PTSA, the Rehoboth PTSA has established an endowment program - PEG Grants-designed to distribute funds above and beyond its yearly budgeted grants for the benefit of the students attending Palmer River Elementary School and Beckwith Middle School. 

Applications are available each spring; open to all teachers and staff.  All applications submitted for approval should meet as many of the following goals and criteria as possible:

Rehoboth PTSA Goals:
  1. Enhance the learning curriculum;
  2. Improve the quality of education;
  3. Promote the welfare of the children and youth;
  4. Develop a united effort between parents and educators to secure the highest advantages in physical, mental, social or spiritual education.
 The criteria for consideration are:
  1. One time expenditure;
  2. Life expectancy of more than one year;
  3. Benefits a large portion of the student body or a small specialty group;
  4. Meets one or more PTSA goal.
  5. Be a member of PTSA.