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Rehoboth Community and Teachers Come Together to Brighten the Blacktop

posted Sep 18, 2015, 3:26 AM by James Pearse

Hopscotch. Four Square. A basketball court. Many of us may remember these things from our childhood recess out on the blacktop. Today, thanks to volunteers from the community and teachers in our schools, these activities are shining brightly on the blacktop at Palmer River Elementary School!

This joint effort, led by Computer Teacher James Pearse, and funded by the Rehoboth PTSA and donations made to the school, is intended to provide structured activities during recess time. These activities are meant to improve teamwork, sportsmanship and hand/eye coordination. More than anything else however, its all about the fun! “Students need a fun, safe and engaging recess time to burn off their boundless energy,” explains Palmer River Principal Arlene Miguel. “Our blacktop has been transformed into an exciting and colorful place where kids can be kids, learn new games, and make new friends!”

The numbers tell the story: Twenty community and school volunteers painted 11 gallons of special non-slip outdoor paint over two days to create five handball courts, one basketball key, and two hopscotch games! In addition, our volunteer painters used stencils to create a map of the United States of America. “This is an excellent example of how one great community joins one remarkable elementary school to benefit many extraordinary children,” remarked Mrs. Miguel.

Let the recess games begin!


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