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October Minutes

posted Apr 23, 2019, 3:26 AM by Rehoboth PTSA

Rehoboth PTSA Minutes

 October 10, 2018

Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm by Susan Bogosian, President


Everyone introduced themselves for the new members.  There were 16 in attendance.


Minutes from October 10th were reviewed, motion to approve by Traci Cady, seconded by Arlene Miguel.


Principal’s Report:


Palmer River – Arlene Miguel: 4th grade has STEM night scheduled for Thursday October 18th.  2nd grade has game night scheduled for October 17th.  The nurse has eye vision screening with the Lions club on October 15th and 17th.  4 Parents have volunteered to do Box tops.  6 Parent are interested in helping with the yearbook.  All names were given to Susan Bogosian from Arlene Miguel.


Beckwith - Joseph Pirraglia:  The Beckwith Bash was held on 9/21, over 200 kids attended.  There is a clothing drive by Zoe Morgenwick, the Ambassador for Beckwith.  The lip sync competition will be held on 10/19.  Soccer started in September, all home games are at Bliss field.  There is a dance scheduled for November 2nd.  10/26 is Pink Out day.  The kids are encouraged to dress up for Halloween, no face masks.  All donations will go toward breast cancer research.  The STEAM assembly is scheduled for 10/18, Stem and Steam careers.  School council is looking for a parent member.  Karen DeRoche volunteered.  Christine Mitnik has volunteered to do Box tops.  Plumbing issues -   Only one staff bathroom is working. 


Both schools are currently collection socks for the homeless for Soctober.


General discussion:


-       We are still looking for a place for the water filtration units in Beckwith.

-       Basketball hoops for Beckwith, custodians thought they wouldn’t work.  Paul DeRoche said they may need to be welded.

-       Painting on parking lot for Beckwith near the gym entrance.

-       5K – We had about 50 people participate.  We may have a better turnout next year since we missed a year.  Low cost to run.

-        The book club will meet on 10/25 at Hillside Country Club, 6:30 discussing Mindset by Carol Dweck PH. D. 

This meeting maybe on Facebook live.  Everyone is welcome even if you haven’t read the book.

-       Jack O’ Lantern Festival is scheduled for 10/27.  The Leo club kids are scheduled. 

-       The flu clinic is scheduled for 10/18 3:30 to 4:30 at Beckwith.

-        Free flu shots and nasal spray available on Election Day by the town nurse. Superintendent needs to approve.

-       Rehoboth Cultural Council.  Providence Mandolin concert on February 8th, Saturday concert series.

-       Astronomy night is being worked on by Kara Svendsen.  May get a date now for next year.

-       Benches for Beckwith baseball field – Joe Pirraglia is getting estimates.  May be between $500 and $700.  Paul DeRoche will get an estimate as well.


Proposed Budget discussion:


-       Lines held – Admin accounting, Enrichment for both PRES and BW.  Peg grants.

-       Admin accounting – previous year we bought a laptop and QuickBooks.  Won’t be needed in this year’s budget. No change.

-       Enrichment stayed the same for PRES, Beckwith was lowered to $12,000.00.  Motion to approve the change by Nancy Breault, 2nd by Karen DeRoche.

-       PEG grants – May try to raise funds to add the line back in.  No change.

-       Teachers will be asked to send in what field trips they need transportation for.  Will be reviewed by the PTSA.

-       Jenn Moitoso made a motion to accept changes $36,140.00 2nd by Kate Cherepowich.

Motion to adjourn by Arlene Miguel

2nd by Kate Cherepowich.