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October 2015 Minutes

posted Nov 4, 2015, 6:11 PM by Rehoboth PTSA

Rehoboth PTSA Monthly Meeting

Meeting Minutes October 7, 2015

Palmer River Elementary School

6:05pm - Meeting called to order by Karen DeRoche along with introduction of PTSA Board

Minutes from June 3, 2015, Meeting approved, approval motioned and seconded.

Principal Reports -  

Mrs. Miguel, Principal PRES:  Mrs. Miguel Introduced new teachers (not present).She asked for PTSA to consider sponsoring Bill Harley and Bren Bataclan. She ideally would like one curriculum based presentation per grade level (Susan Bogosian will pass on information as she hears of it.) She would like Grade 2 to have author /illustrator.

 Mr. Pirraglia, Principal BMS:  Mr.Pirraglia thanks PTSA for what they do and spoke of the 5-k which he raced in and the feeling of great community. Beckwith is working on PBIS inspired movie nights, soccer games, capture the flag as rewards with enough tickets earned.

Mr. Martone, Assistant Principal BMS:  said it was a great fit with Mr. Pirraglia. He introduced new staff (not present) Jesse Sampson (PE), Catherine Houle ( Gr.6 special ed), Joanne Mack (Media specialist and yearbook advisor),  Samantha Allyn (School special ed).  He also spoke of Building changes, including new carpet in library; entry ways restored trophy case, 3 black display cases for PBIS recognition and Student of the month

Susan Bogosian asked about the rock wall insulation. Mr. Martone will review with Mr. Pirraglia, but goal is to get going as soon as possible as they get handle on budget.

Treasurer’s Report - Traci  Cady:

Traci presented packet with audit for the check and money market for reference, informing that it didn’t need to be voted on.  Our audit came out clean when it was approved over summer.  She then spoke of working 2015 budget to be read line by line and held with specific questions/clarifications.  Budget came to $37,315 which was stated to be lower than last year.  Meeting attendant questioned why there was a discrepancy in principal account.  It was stated this was due to purchases relating to prizes, box tops.   She also discussed miscommunication in regards to staff appreciation at Beckwith, when both Ms. Pincince and staff separately spent, which doubled amount that was allotted.  It was stated that to balance budget, it was agreed between Ms. Pincince and board, Beckwith would start in the negative.

Traci asked Lori Rossi, Chair of JackFest, to share about issues pertaining to budget changes there. Beckwith has joined with Haunted Hallway, doubling size of event.  Also feedback from previous years, said Hayride lines too long.  This year 2 hayrides would be reserved.  The use of 2 school buildings and the custodial staff required to keep them open on proposed Friday Night and Saturday will increase costs.  The purpose of this event is for school Community, not fundraiser. The hope is the event will break even.   The event will be presented to kids to rally attendance with possible morning announcement and posters.  With startup costs of hay ride for $600 and 2 cash boxes for admission, there is a need to increase budget to $900.  Motioned to increase from $700 to 900 was motioned and seconded; vote unanimous in approval.

Jennifer Moitoso voiced concern that school (Beckwith) takes hit for issues with last year, especially given new administration that would use it for staff appreciation and PBIS incentives.  

Ms. Omerod stated because 5k did so well and with Beckwith attendance, there is enough of a cushion to increase from $25.00 to $500.00. Jenn Moitoso motioned for increase to $500.; motion seconded. Vote approved increased amount. Traci Cady votes against because Beckwith went over budget, for which the PTSA will not get reimbursed. Susan Bogosian noted we need to rein in costs of luncheon so more money can be put towards kid’s enrichment.  Susan Bogosian also stated the need to be fiscally responsible; PTSA is member of state PTSA and does uphold an oath and certain by laws.  Jennifer Moitoso commented that this year, more responsibility/accountability for this will be held with the committee chairs.

Motion to approve budget of $37,985

Motion was seconded

No Nay, Budget is passed.  

Traci Cady reminds us it is her last year as treasurer.

Traci Cady: Book Fair- With the online fair, fall book fair went over last year’s sales with $6,500.00. 3,255.00 In profits for purchase of books and other materials for library, reading specialist and teachers.

Beckwith Book Fair dates are November 16th through 20th. More volunteers are needed.

5-K fun run- Ms. Omerod:  Ms. Omerod spoke about the 5-K Fun Run being a big success and a lot of fun 500 runners were registered which closed out registration. 150 walkers/runners went without number bibs. Event earned $14,000 before expenses.   She made projection of $9,000 being made. The extra expense of lunch was also noted.  750 to 1,000 attendees are anticipated for next year.  Ms. Omerod spoke of the success of the dunk tank which many teachers participated.  The Dunk Tank more that paid for itself.  During the event all the food was used up and t-shirts ran out.  Improvements for next year may be including more volunteers and

getting high school students to attend as nobody in the 15 to 18 age bracket was registered.  Nancy Breault asked about still holding the race at the donated location of the 5 Bridge Inn if the event becomes larger.  The parking issues were mentioned.  The solution of closing the street and shuttling is mentioned as a possibility.  It is still tentatively scheduled there for weekend in early October of next year.

Jack Fest- Lori Rossi :  Lori spoke of changes and additions to the Jack Festival this year.  The Gilded Tomato, a local gourmet pizza truck will be there for attendees to purchase.  Mr. Martone spoke of the inclusion of the Haunted Hallway and student excitement.  The much coveted volunteer spots would be auctioned off for good behavior.  He projects that attendance will be through the roof.  Each grade has sectioned off certain portions of the hallway to create their spooky scenes.  Lori discusses giving a PTSA form for accepting donations for the event.  Mr. Martone states the lack of parent volunteers with CORI check.  

Fundraiser Update- Traci Cady:

Tracy discussed the Kid Stuff coupon booklets, which brought in approximately $6,500 last year and provides schools with at least 50% of sales.    A reminder notice will be sent home October 23rd.    Traci also spoke of the Cristoline sales being replaced with Genevieve.  This company sells pies, cookies and wrapping paper along with other gift items and sales seems to be more promising in November.  Lori Rossi spoke of Calendar fundraiser.  250 would initially be printed with a second printing if necessary.  50 orders would be necessary to run a second printing.  Laura Simon is the co-chair of this project.  Earle Diaz will be providing his photographs of scenes in Rehoboth to be used. 

Meals for Kiley Family - Kendra Abernathy: Kendra spoke of PTSA member and friend who passed away this summer leaving 2 young children and husband.   They do have a nanny, but could use support with home cooked meals to show that we care.  Gift cards are also okay.  A volunteer spot page is set up for those who can help.  

Possible Fundraiser- Sarah Rodriguez Beerman:  Sarah spoke of an organization that fundraises for non-profit organizations, called Shop.com.  By setting up a web link through the PTSA site and facilitating purchase of items that were needed anyway, a percentage of sales would come back to us.  Shop.com has several ways to earn money that may be explained by a member of the program at a future time. Tracy Cady said we would need to look into it further.   

Conclusion- Susan Bogosian : Susan gave membership tally of 79 members.  We would like to see staff and faculty join too.  A motion is made to adjourn at 7:20pm.  Motion is seconded. Meeting adjourned @ 7:20pm.      

**End of Minutes***