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Minutes 5-07-2014

posted Jun 6, 2014, 4:51 AM by Rehoboth PTSA

Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2014

7:06 Meeting called to order by Wendi Declercq, President

  1. Minutes

    • April 2, 2014 meeting minutes – approved.

  1. Principal’s Report

Mrs. Miguel

    • Bren Bataclan worked with 4th grade.  

    • Literacy quilt made on literacy night.  The title is “read to succeed”.

    • MCAS math has begun and will continue next week for 3rd and 4th

    • May 22 – open house for kindergarten

    • June 16 – field day

    • June 17 Minute men for 3rd grade

Mrs. Pincince:

    • Beckwith placed 5th in math meet on May 2.  Jacob Holm, 1st highest scorer.

    • SEMBSBA was May 2nd & 3rd

    • PARCC pilot testing computer based version practice test was on May 28.  Actual testing on June 3 and 4th.  Students were randomly selected.

    • MCAS – all grades testing.  Pay attention to website for dates.

    • Step up day and night – parents of 4th graders are invited to attend on June 3rd at 6 PM.   PTSA can have a table at the event.  Students will step up to the middle school on June 9th.  The fourth graders will pair up with the 5th graders they have been in contact with.

    • 8th graders are selecting their courses for next year.  June 12 – 13 they will go to the high school.  Busses will transport from and to home.

    • A variety of field trips and events for the graduating students.

  1. Treasurer’s Report –

    • Correction from last month.  The mother/son event brought in less than they spent.  Therefore, they are in the negative.  Traci will follow-up and have a more detailed breakdown next month.

    • We have roughly an $18,000 deficit for the year.  

    • The board additionally recommended reducing the PEG budget to $5,000.00.  Motion was made, seconded, and unanimously carried.

    • The board recommends eliminating the teacher grants totaling $4,300.  Mrs. Fernandez noted that the teachers understand there is a financial restriction and they are grateful for what we’ve been able to do in the past.  Motion to eliminate the teacher grants was made, seconded and unanimously carried.

    • The two votes reduced our budget by $9,694.00, giving a payout for $21,589.85.  That will reduce the money market by about $10,000.  J. Moitoso noted that we have to keep a certain amount of money in the money market account.  Traci will follow up with the bank to determine what that amount is.

    • The Beckwith book fair made $2,600.

  1. Board Updates - Position vacancies (volunteers requested)

  • Website

  • Beckwith VP

  • Fundraising committee

  • Yearbook for Palmer River – Works in conjunction with yearbook company to get photos.  PTSA would like to do a pre-order next year, believing it will bring in more money and will allow us to have money in advance of the printing.

  • Yearbook for Beckwith

  • membership

  • Recommendations were to list open positions in the Rehoboth Reporter, email to membership with description of role, and maybe use Facebook.  Board will get descriptions to Mrs. Miguel by May 22 for incoming parents.

  1. Committee Updates

  • 5th grade social - The last 5th social will be outdoors on May 30th.

  • Silent Auction - Auction brought in a $6,292.88 profit.  

  • Jack Fest is being scheduled for October 18th.

  1. Discussion fundraising options – build list to its full capacity to determine which options will work.  Will create a committee to review options.  

    • We have already raised $621 through Mighty Nest.  15% of purchases go to the school, but there are many opportunities to earn money for the school through activities.  For example, the Earth Day challenge earns 25 points.  

  1. Reminder Teacher appreciation and Town Meeting.  Babysitting services will be available.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22.