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Meeting Minutes December 2014

posted Dec 10, 2014, 4:51 AM by Rehoboth PTSA

Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2014

7:05 Meeting called to order by Wendi Declercq, President


  1. Minutes from the 11/5/2014 meeting – Mrs. Dubois motioned to approve.  Mrs. Miguel seconded.  Approved unanimously.


  1. Principal Reports

Mrs. Miguel

  • Parent/teacher conferences are done.  Report cards will be out next week. Feedback has been positive about having conferences prior to report cards.

  • Mrs. Miguel will be sending out rules about gifts for teachers.

  • Bill Harley will be visiting the school on December 18th and 19th.  He will be working with Mrs. Cohen and the 3rd grade students on writing.  A flyer for books and audiotapes will be sent out.  He will be available for signing books and tapes.  Mr. Harley is being brought in from money left over from the student activities fund that came in from the school play a few years back.

  • Mrs. Miguel requested $3,500 - $4,000 from the enrichment line to bring Brent Bataclan back for the 4th grade mural.  She will pursue bringing him in during April to enable enough time to get photos in the yearbook.


Mrs. Pincince

  • Holiday concert will be on December 12 at 6:30 PM at the high school.

  • The middle school is in the final two days of its annual food drive.  Grade with most donations will be treated to an icecream party.

  • Basketball has started.  All games are away due to roof project.  Home games will start in January.  Just a note that kids attending the game need ride home at 5:00 and need to stay seated for the game.

  • Tomorrow and Friday, the roofing sections over the STEM, faculty, and computer rooms will be done.  That represents the final portion of the roof.  The roof will still need some finishing touches, but all of the membrane is done so we will not have any more disruptions in the classrooms.  Although it seems like the project has been going on forever, it has really only been about a month.  The project started on October 30.  Mrs. Pincince appreciates everyone’s flexibility during this time.

  • Term 2 progress reports are due on December 19

  • January 23 is the Massasoit Math Meet.


  1. Treasurer’s report

    • Taxes are complete.

    • Financials are relatively stable this month.


  1. Scholastic Book Fair/Beckwith –

  • Coordinated nicely with parent/teacher conferences.  Don’t have updated numbers yet.


  1. Cristoline fundraiser –

    •  $4,300 in product was sold at Beckwith.  Finished a few weeks ago.  Pick up is this Monday from 3-7 at Beckwith. 

    • Palmer-River fundraising just completed.  Pick-up will be the 18th.  Traci will send an email out to membership for assistance.


  2. Mother/Son event – We have a choice between:

  • Dave and Busters from 10:00  – 11:30 on March 7.  Dave & Busters usually pulls in about 40 people.

  • Watching the True Meaning of Smeck Day (based on a book by Adam Rex) on March 28  at Regal Cinemas.  Regal would need a guarantee of 100 people.  That hasn’t been a problem in the past.

  • Email will be sent out to membership to see what they want.  Group is leaning toward movie.


  1. 2015 Silent Auction

  • In need of people who are interested in being the committee. 

  • Email will be sent out asking for volunteers.


  1. Spirit wear –

    • About 35 – 40 orders so far. 

    • There will be a fleece offered to faculty and staff.  This will not be a fundraiser.  Only adult sizes are offered in the fleece.


  1. Rehoboth Reflections calendar 2015

  • We had a little over 180 orders and purchased 200 calendars to have extras in case of printing issues or late orders.  Printer gave us an additional 11 calendars.

  • Most calendars have already been delivered.  Pick up for remaining calendars is tomorrow and Friday night.

  • We’ve had great feedback from community and Earle Dias.  We are hoping to work with Earle on the 2016 over the summer and print 250 calendars in September in order to do direct sales next year.

  • We have a wait list for extra calendars.  Library and Sheila’s offered to sell extra if we have any.


  1. Reflections art contest

  • Notice went out to elementary school.  The event has been registered with the national PTA.

  • Students have December and January to get entries in and can choose from 6 categories of entries.

  • The PTSA expressed appreciation to Mrs. DuBois for taking this on and bringing Reflections back to the school.


7:36 meeting adjourned.