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March Minutes

posted Oct 4, 2018, 9:54 AM by Rehoboth PTSA

Rehoboth PTSA Minutes

March 14, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 PM by Jennifer Moitoso.

·      Minutes from February’s Meeting were read. Nancy Breault motioned to approve.  Motion was seconded.

Principal’s Report

 Mrs. Arlene Miguel- Palmer River Elementary

·      Mrs.Miguel thanked PTSA for Auction.

·      Book fair went along with a successful reading week, including celebrity readers and a book walk. Speakers included representatives from the Big Blue Bug and the Cardi Bros.

·      A well-deserved award celebration was held for Mrs.Dubois.

·      High Tech, high touch presented an in house science field trip/presentation.

·      Report Cards will go out on March, 23rd.

Mr. Joseph Pirraglia- Beckwith Middle School

·      The auction was a lot of fun and included Beckwith Table.

·      Alladin Jr.is held this weekend.  Times are 7:00on Friday and Saturday and a 2:00 matinee on Sunday.  Lori Rossi made costumes for the cast.

·      Sam Brown placed in state level geography bee.

·      Kylie Hillier won in a poster contest for Peace.

·      Dr.Seuss’s birthday was recognized and 5th graders had chance to stop and read in hallways.

·      A faculty basketball game is being planned.

·      A fundraiser for Super Olympics which includes “Polar Plunge” is created.

·      The wheel financed by PTSA has been used with fundraisers.  Lots of money has been raised by giving students chance to put pie in principal’s face.

·      The trimester is ending on Friday and the term right before April.

Treasurer’s report-Holly Kucinski

·      Holly shared the most recent budget updates including enrichment totals.  Mrs.Miguel mentioned that Brent Bataclan was very costly.

Lap top purchase request. 

·      Jennifer Moitoso presented Susan Bogosian’s statement requesting the consideration of purchasing a lap top for PTSA use, specifically treasurer.   These reasons included the concerns of using personal computer with personal files and information and using up large amounts of memory space for programs which require that, such as quick books.  There is a$100.00 amazon gift card which could be used in addition to other allotted money.  A quorum was not present so Jennifer Moitoso said it will be tabled until next meeting.

Mr.Pearce’s request

·      Jennifer Moitoso presented a request by Mr. Pearce to fund $1,100 for tech project.  Recently all classes had been updated in K through 4, except the specialists.  This will have to be decided at membership next meeting because of quorum.  Jenn ask to consider the criteria of grant request including how many students will benefit and how sustainable.  Mrs. Miguel noted this request did not go to her as it should go back to school budget.

Auction-Jennifer Moitoso

·      The auction was great by selling 75 tickets plus additional sold at door. A profit of over $8000.00 was made.  There were more teachers’ donations from Beckwith this year, including a painting in memory of Mrs.Souza who had passed away.  The winning bid on this would be split between GEMMA, which helps in the fight against Breast Cancer.  It was asked if time of year affects attendance and could a different date be helpful.  Arlene noted the hard work and frazzled organizers. Jenn Moitoso spoke of possibility of switching it up with a new venue instead of Hillside. The possibility of a golf tournament or auction baskets with other event.  It was brought up how stressful coming up with gift baskets could be, especially for the room mother’s which are usually stuck with the brunt of.  Kara noted into looking into “Bidding for Good”. Kate Cheropowich noted going to Audobon Society who donated when she was planning to purchase.  A running list of donations was discussed so businesses were not solicited multiple times.

Book Fair- Jennifer Moitoso

·      The book fair was well received.  It was good to have a teacher as chair and went along well with literacy week.  Kara noted volunteers did not sign up through Scholastic website.

Book Club- Mr.Pirraglia

·      Book Club will be held on March 23rd at Toto’s in Seekonk.  The book discussed is “Quiet Power- the Power of Introvert Kid’s”.

Eye’s on Owl’s Kate Cherepowich

·      Kate talked about the possibility of being on May 4th, which is day before Grade 1 dance.  In Westport this was a big fundraiser.  Mrs.Miguel noted this being on hold because of large big.  There is possibility of making this a family friendly event combined with used book sale.

Talent Fair-Kate Cherepowich

·      Kate discusses possibility of changing the stage so both shows can be held on same day.  Former chair Laura Simon planned this way because there was not enough room in cafeteria and coordinating intermission with Ice Cream could be tricky.  Mrs. Miguel suggests limiting acts to 20 and offering cookies instead as another option.

Harlem Globe Trotters- Jenn Moitoso

·      This will be held Saturday March 31st at 2.  It is suggested combining announcement with basketball teams as whole teams may attend.

Other-April 2nd vote- Kate Cherepowich

·      Kate is concerned about attendance of vote and wonders if we can send email reminder with statement of what we support.

·      Member asks about teacher appreciation week and whether Beckwith and Palmer River will be held on same date.  This will be put on agenda for next meeting.

Motion is made to adjourn meeting at 7:30 and seconded by Nancy Breault.