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March 2017 minutes

posted Aug 6, 2017, 2:20 PM by Rehoboth PTSA

Rehoboth PTSA

3/7/2017 6:40 PM | Meeting called to order by Karen DeRoche

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the February, 2017 meeting were read and approved.


Principal’s Report

Mrs. Dubois gave Palmer River report.

·       Thanked PTSA for Book Fair.

·       Fourth graders were visited from the New Bedford Symphony for a unit with culmination at the Zieterion theatre.

·       School lock down was practiced this month, including Get Safe and sit, which involves students sitting with their teacher.  Support was provided by the Rehoboth Police.

·       Sparky’s puppets performed for the kindergarten.

·       Bren Bataclan will paint a Steam inspired theme with the fourth graders.

·       Len Cabral shared some story telling.

·       Sunday April 9th, will be a Bruins Hockey night.  Palmer River students will sing the anthem.

Mr.Pirraglia gave Beckwith Middle School Report.

·       Kevin Robinson performed for the whole school, promoting attributes such as kindness and team work.

·       March is middle school appreciation month.  Teachers share what they appreciate about the kids along with pictures of themselves in middle school.  Kids share what they want adults to know. 

·       Upcoming activities include: spirit week with international day, Blue and white day, and teacher versus student’s basketball game. Other events are Peter Pan Jr. on 3/24, 3/25 and 3/26, the Steamposium on 3/25, project 351’s clothing drive on 3/27 and the MCAS on 4/3.

·       The Robotic team has several fundraisers including a Lion’s Club donation of $600, a gift card raffle, a Chili’s night, a Ronin Jijitsu class offering and a Stop and Shop table.


Erin Baer gave the treasurer’s report.

·       Budget Activity includes Palmer River Valentines for teacher appreciation, auction postage, Hillside deposit and enrichment of K-Rob and Len Cabral from Beckwith and Palmer River.

·       Other incoming activity included $85.00 from Amazon smile.

·       Check request for invoices need to be filled out to show where they are coming from.


Committee Reports

Auction- Susan Bogosian

·       Auction is moving along with collection of basket tonight and set up tomorrow.

Book Fair-Nancy Breault

·       Book fair earnings were in the 10,000 range, which was slightly less than last year.

Box Tops-Tina

·       Box Tops not going as well.  Kids are not bringing in as many.

·       Mrs. Dubois said previous money earned from this was used to purchase the carts which store the Chrome Books.

·       Entries are due in November and March.

·       A new person is needed for this position.



·       A Steamposium will be held March 25th from 10-2.  This is a family event to be held at the high school.

·       Rehoboth PTSA has been recognized for Just Join Drive to boost membership.

·       Susan also nominated Mrs.Miguel and Mrs.DuBois for outstanding principal and assistant principal of the year.  This will be recognized at the state PTA banquet.

·       This year the Rehoboth PTSA should have 5 voting members at the state convention.

·       Jennifer Moitoso shared possible dates of May 22 to 26 for Beckwith Bookfair.

·       Susan Bogosian and Mr.Pirraglia shared possibilities for finding a relevant speaker for the seventh and eighth grade students.

·       Nancy Breault asked for a letter to send to members regarding open positions for next year, which include

Palmer River Book Fair, teacher appreciation luncheon and Box Tops in addition to any others

Motion to Adjourn

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:15 and accepted.