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February 2017 Minutes

posted Mar 30, 2017, 12:12 PM by Rehoboth PTSA

Rehoboth PTSA Minutes

February 8, 2017                   

The meeting was called to order at 6:35PM by Karen DeRoche.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were read from the January 11, 2017, meeting and approved.

Principal’s Report-Mrs.Miguel

·       Brett Bataclan is scheduled on March 27th for 4th grade.

·       Support is appreciated for children’s enrichment programs including the ballet, symphony, Museum of Science and author visits.

·       The teachers are adopting a new reading program which hopefully budget will support.   Reading programs should be switched every 5 years and the current one is 8 to 10 years old. Teachers are enriching program with trade books to use with Common Core.


·       On January 14th, the robotics team competed, and out of 40 teams, team Furocious was invited to the University of Arkansas Competition, which is international.  If able, students will visit and stay on the campus to participate in competition.

·       On January 27th there was a math team meet.

·       On January 7th there was Geography Bee where 7th graders Ryan Gallagher and Julian Souza participated.

·       Miss Fuletra the art teacher has students participating in the Smarts Art Show where work will be displayed at the Fuller Craft Museum.

·       The fifth graders received a letter with pictures back from Barack Obama in reply to one they had sent.

·       3 performances of Peter Pan will take place on March 24th and25th..

·       Kevin Robinson, a champion BMX biker will make presentations on Wednesday, 2/15/17, at 8:15 and 9:15am.

·       Susan Bogosian questioned if there were any decisions made on future presentations suggesting to look at links on National PTSA website.

Treasurer’s Report- Erin Baer

·       Money for Good Welfare was used for Police and Fire Department gifts.

·       Money from Enrichment was used to pay for Storyteller Cabral and down payment to Brent Bataclan. 

Money from dance and boy’s choice will be transferred to Family Fun Nights.

·       Money was used to purchase ribbons for Reflections. 

·       Money which was overpaid to Spirit Wear was received back.

Committee Reports-

Auction- Susan Bogosian

·       Solicitation letters will be sent out in 2 weeks looking for donations.

·       A flyer went out today to both Palmer River and Beckwith.

·       Help is needed with calls and follow up in addition to contributing to class room baskets.

Book Fair- Traci Cady

·       Book fair will be held the week after vacation, including a preview day and a night open to parents.

·       .There is an online sign up for volunteers.

·       Jennifer Moitoso noted that Beckwith Book fair will be held on the 1st week of May.

USA Skates Night- Nancy Breault

·       150 skaters attended with many more not skating.  $158.00 was made at this event.


·       Mrs. Dubois could not be present but passed on information that ribbons of excellence were awarded.  The next step will be to proceed to State level.  Entries are on display outside of library for viewing.  She wished to send thanks for assistance and participation.

Talent Show – Erin Baer

·       The talent show is scheduled for May 5th which is Friday.

·       There are hopes that Doug Kelley will MC but we might need to proceed without him.

·       It will be held at Beckwith this year.

·       We are trying to reach Evan Dwyer to provide audio.

Dance Proposal- Valerie Carey

·       Karen DeRoche noted several groups were working on a solution.  The Board has looked over this one and is supportive.

·       Dates are set on Saturday nights so they don’t interfere. Mrs. Miguel commended those who put this proposal together.  She noted this was affordable, fun, grade appropriate.  Thank you.

·       Jennifer Moitoso was looking into how 50/50 split would work with $12.00 admission and $2.00 attributed to food.  Karen DeRoche noted that raising money is not priority with event, but helpful because it will offset money taken away from auction because of scheduled dates.

·       Valerie said dates were chosen because of availability but will look into April15th which is close to Easter. A deposit will not be required.  Flyers will address financial hardship concerns can be addressed to Mrs. Miguel and will be deducted from event proceeds. Tickets are paid for at the door. They do need volunteers on March 25th. A logo is needed to be used in the photo booth.

·       Susan asked if there is dress code for flyer with final approval.  While it could be casual, party wear was suggested.

Other Business-Mr.Pirraglia

·       He would like to discuss with executive board and Mr. Kenney about raising money for Robotics trip travel costs.  A raffle for the Stem Symposium was an example.  Suggestions mentioned were Lolli pop sales or creating Go Fund Me page. Jennifer Moitoso noted that success with this was less likely because of so many people using it. 

Elizabeth McCann-Auction Baskets

·       Elizabeth asked about when the requests for classroom auction baskets would be going out which was determined to be this week.

A motion to Adjourn at 7:05was made and approved.