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December 2018

posted May 6, 2019, 3:39 AM by Rehoboth PTSA

Rehoboth PTSA Minutes December 12, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Susan Bogosian.

Minutes from Previous meeting reviewed, motion to approve by Elise DuBois, 2nd by Joe Pirraglia


Principal’s Report

 Mrs. Elise DuBois- Palmer River Elementary

Mr. Joseph Pirraglia- Beckwith Middle School

·      Events and activities included Plymouth Plantation field trip and a movie matinee with 5 movies and around 80-90 students in attendance.

·      The Robotics team is headed for states at Roger Williams University.  Students have art work represented in Dighton Rehoboth Art Festival.

·      The chorus concert will be held on December 17th and the band concert on December 20th.

·      Grade 8 will go on a field trip to the Trinity Rep Theater to see “A Christmas Carol”.

Committee’s reports-Susan Bogosian

·      Child’s Choice Dance

Committee Chair of event provided updates.  The third year of dance split between k through 2 and 3, 4 will be held on April 6thand April 27th.  Prices are the same with opportunity for photographs.  There will be a craft project planned for the k-2 group.

Beckwith Book fair and Giving Market

·      E-wallet was used which is new thing.

·      Both Palmer River and Beckwith’s Giving Market seemed to be well liked.

PTSA Book Club-Mr. Joe Pirraglia

·      Book is “You are not Special and other Encouragements” by David McCullogh JR.  The PTSA purchased 4 copies to be borrowed.   Two copies are available at each school.

·      The date of this will be January 24th at Hillside Country Club.

Beckwith Ski Club- Jenn Moitoso

·      A plan for Beckwith Students to attend Mt. Wachusetts ski program is not available on Fridays.  We are looking at and gathering info. On Nashoba.  The possibility of a Monday or Tuesday afternoon program where students would return at about 8 was discussed. The Seekonk program can allow Beckwith to piggyback on their program for this year on Fridays.  Options of starting own program at Nashoba or Blue Hills, which is more for beginners, is discussed. 

·      To attend as guest of Seekonk Recreation Department would have students picked up from Beckwith at 2 or 2:30 and boarding bus at 8:45-9:15 to get home by 10 pm.  The first week students would rent equipment and leave gear on mountain. For Dinner, a reloadable “cow card” could be used for eating and snacking on amount parents see fit. A chaperone would be needed to put together calendar.  One chaperone per ten students would be needed, which is three per week.  Chaperones do not have to ski.  There will be set check ins for head counts.  Mr.Pirraglia discusses how dismissal procedures would work.  Parents would have to bring ski equipment for those who own it because of the difficulty of accommodating ski storage for up to 25 kids.  Helmets, goggles, extra back pack with school supplies can stay on bus.  There will be a reminder app used to contact parents on way back so they are not waiting at Beckwith for an extended time. 

·      Parents discussed how students will get where the need to be when students get to mountain.  Chaperones will be given sites of lesson of each badge. Students will use buddy system or group buddy system. 

Providence Bruins Night – Karen DeRoche-

·      Providence Bruins night will be held Saturday January 26th which is also Military Appreciation night.  All orders should be in by January 11th and can be picked up at will call window.  The Flyer will have contact information for this. 

·      Reflections:  The art teacher shares video clip with all grades.  The possibility of Mrs. Faletra or even parent helping with Beckwith submissions is discussed as there is a lot of data to enter.

·      All entries are submitted because some that don’t win at school do win at state level.  Help with photographing and judging is needed.  Faculty and people from community will be given a sheet with theme to use.  “The theme is “Heroes around us.”  Winners will be recognized at States 50th anniversary at art museum and/or luncheon. 

New Business-

·      Square 1 Art, an in house fundraiser is discussed due to interest by middle school parents.  Mr.Pirraglia gives possibility of using as 1 day activity in Ace Program such as outdoor drawing.

·      Talent Show- Kate Cherepowich is looking at dates in April and May as possibilities.  Mr.Pirraglia notes school play has tentative dates of May 17th, 18th and 19th. 

Staff Appreciation Issue-

·      Jenn Moitoso and Susan Bogosian discussed an unresolved payment request of $19.00 concerning receipt of unanticipated costs.  After much discussion Jennifer Moitoso proposes and Traci Cady seconds a motion to vote on payment.  10 voted in favor of paying, 2 against.  A letter will be sent to individual regarding this.

At 7:50 pm Karen DeRoche motioned to adjourn with Nancy Breault seconding.