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December 2016 minutes

posted Mar 30, 2017, 12:11 PM by Rehoboth PTSA

Rehoboth PTSA Minutes

December 13, 2016               

The meeting was called to order at 6:30PM by Karen DeRoche.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were read from the November 16, 2016, meetings and approved.

Principal’s Report

Mrs. Miguel-

·       Report cards will go out on Friday.

·       Mrs. Miguel thanked the PTSA for Bill Harley; He was at Palmer River for 2 days and it was a huge success.

·       In January, the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra will work with the fourth graders coming to work in their class.  This will culminate with a field trip to the symphony.  The topic is gravity which is related to their curriculum.  Last year, the second graders experienced this but the long bus drive seemed to be a challenge.

·       The Holiday Singalong will be held on December 23rd.



·       November was a great month.

·       Mr. Kenny and the Lego League  went into the State Competition which was held at the Ricci Middle School. 

·       Out of 19 participating schools, Team Fur-ocus received first place overall.  Team Partridges won for the product app. Category. 

·       In January the 7th and 8th grade students will participate in the soccer team banner ceremony as the Massasoit League Champions.  They have also been recognized by the school committee.

·       Beckwith has completed their can drive. 

·       December 19th the chorus and percussion concert will be held. 

·       On Wednesday February 15th, Kevin Robinson, a champion BMX biker will make a presentation to all grades regarding anti bullying, effort and work, etc.

Karen De Roche introduces Dr.Azar


Treasurer’s Report- Erin Baer.

·       Traci Cady has filed the taxes.

·       Insurance has been paid.

·       The cost of the 3rd grade projectors will be moved to the good will line item.

·       The website has renewed and PTSA will reimburse Mr. Pearse.

·       The 5k made over $6000.

·       A deposit for Boosterthon will be paid out.

·       The final cost for the Haunted Hallway is $1000.00

·       Jennifer Moitoso deposited $200 from raffle tickets and donations at  the book fair.


Committee Reports-

Karen DeRoche.-Boys and Girl’s Dances

·       There is concern that the dances don’t line up with what the PTSA stand for.

·       This could be changed into family night instead.  Bill Harley has offered to have concert.

·       Mrs. Dubois says this could be a nice community event which could be held at the high school to accommodate required space.

·       Elizabeth McCann asked if both dances would be replaced that parents are notified in advance.

·       Karen DeRoche stated this should move forward to all-inclusive instead of separate events.

·       Nancy Breault commented about the need to send this message because this is a big event to a lot of girls.  Some have purchased outfits already.

Reflections- Mrs. Dubois

·       Art teacher will remind students in art class.

·       She has only seen a snippet of entries, materials were sent home.

·       Entries are due the Friday after return from break.

PEG Grants- Karen DeRoche

·       The Application process is ongoing.

Providence Bruins Family Night-Karen DeRoche

·       The date for this event is January 20th.

Other Business-

Thank you Mrs. Mack- 

·       This has been the most successful book fair to date at Beckwith.   She wished to thank the volunteers and say how grateful she was for their work. 

·       Sales increased from $2,554 last year to $4,028 this year.

·       There has been a climate change in the library; students are able to use it much more and are looking and talking about books and series they like.

·       She wishes to thank parents for new open space in library.

Mr.Pirraglia- Police and Fire Department Appreciation

·       2 lock downs have been held and 6 officers have come in as support.

·       Fire Fighter Randy has acted as detail to every event and doesn’t charge school.  He also works on fire safety with students.

·       He wondered if they could be sent a gift to show the school’s appreciation.

·       Karen DeRoche noted will look at budget and send some type of arrangement such as fruit or confections on behalf of Palmer River and Beckwith.

A motion to adjourn was made by Karen DeRoche at  and was seconded and accepted.